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The Lastest Crypto Proof of Payment

Hyip News 2020 - 2024

July 14 2024: The Bitcoin price has been wavering in an uncertain trend since last weekend. The demand pressure at $55000 has managed to stabilize the prevailing bearish sentiment but the overhead supply is intact amid the German government’s liquidation of BTC. As the associated address has recently emptied its Bitcoins, a positive trend is expected in the near term.

July 08 2024: Canadian Bitcoin mining company HIVE Digital has released a June financial report, revealing it has increased its reserves to 2,503 BTC stored on the balance sheet. the company revealed that as of Jul. 7, its crypto holdings on the balance sheet had increased to 2,503 BTC, a more than 2% increase compared to the prior month. In total, HIVE Digital mined 119 BTC in June, keeping the same performance as in May.

July 05 2024: Trade Crypto Africa was closed. The price of Bitcoin has continued its descending movement, sliding under the $55,000 threshold, returning back to levels last seen in February.

July 01 2024: Citrus Finance was closed which running for 6 years. What is the easiest loan to get in America? Bitcoin (BTC) is on the brink of a significant price movement as it approaches the crucial resistance level of $64,515. The cryptocurrency asset has been experiencing an upward trend, gaining momentum and investor confidence.

June 27 2024: Another frenzy ensued in the crypto market as news emerged of a significant movement of stolen Bitcoin (BTC). On Thursday, June 27, a hacker, linked to the recent DMM Bitcoin breach, transferred 500 BTC. This transaction, worth approximately $30 million, raised concerns of a potential market dump, especially considering recent large-scale sell-offs by government entities and miners.

June 24 2024: BTC tested the $60,000 level, meaning it has now lost more than 15% of its value over the past few weeks. Bitcoin’s weakness triggered a major crash among altcoins, with tokens like Turbo, Solana, and Cardano falling more than 20%.

June 18 2024: Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) has achieved another milestone in its quest for mainstream adoption, as highlighted by the popular SHIB community member Ragnar Shib. Notably, Crypto.com has announced that SHIB can now be used to fund its popular Visa card, joining other prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

June 16 2024: OkayCoin's William Miller says growing interest in crypto staking within South Korea has prompted the company to provide dedicated support/services tailored to meet the unique needs of investors.

June 12 2024: Itaú Unibanco has opened crypto trading to all users of its Íon investment platform, allowing clients to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum directly through the app.

June 10 2024: The global crypto market cap showed a modest increase of 0.90% in the past 24 hours, reaching $2.55 trillion. However, the total crypto market volume experienced a significant drop of 9.05% to $48.48 billion, indicating a potential slowdown in trading activity.

June 06 2024: A Nigerian payments company recently announced the launch of a blockchain-powered point-of-sale payment gateway. This gateway facilitates transaction routing to issuers and aims to prevent chargebacks or chargeback fraud by promptly reimbursing customers for unsuccessful transactions.

June 01 2024: Bitcoin Finance Freedom was closed,Dogecoin (DOGE) has come under the spotlight, with crypto investors looking to have turned their attention to the foremost meme coin. This development is expected to positively impact the meme coin, which has lagged for a while now.

May 30 2024: Robinhood has unveiled its latest offering: the Robinhood Crypto trading API. This new tool promises to revolutionize the way users trade cryptocurrencies by providing enhanced automation. In addition, it will offer round-the-clock trading capabilities, and increased security measures.

May 27 2024: Bitcoin price holds above $70,000 for the first time since last week when the coin shot up to $72,000. Ethereum warmly embraced the positive market sentiment surrounding the ETF approval news.

May 24 2024: Bitcoin is fast-dropping, looking at price action in the daily chart. Even after the impressive spike above $71,500 early this week, there needs to be a conclusive follow-through for optimistic bulls. Despite this correction, one analyst strongly believes Bitcoin will rally sharply, reaching $80,000 by the end of the month.

May 23 2024: Crypto prices today saw a considerable sluggish performance in the face of yesterday’s massive crypto market selloff. The global market cap was down 0.66% from yesterday, resting at the $2.58 trillion mark. Further, the total crypto market volume recorded over the last 24 hours is $98.22 billion, marking a notable 19.59% decrease since the past day.

May 19 2024: According to the Q1 2024 XRP market report published officially on Ripple’s website on May 17, the total volume of Centralized Exchanges (CEX) in March has surged to unprecedented levels, recording an increase to $2.93 trillion in spot volumes and a $9.1 trillion in derivatives volume.

May 16 2024: 11300 USDT payment proof added on Guaranteed Profit Investment,Bitpanda GmbH, a Vienna-based fintech company, has recently anticipated its profit to reach record highs in 2024, nabbing global attention.

May 11 2024: Decentralized and open-source computing platform Akash Network has captured significant attention in the cryptocurrency market as its native token, AKT, has outperformed the top 100 cryptocurrencies with a 2400% price increase year-to-date.

May 09 2024: Robinhood (HOOD) saw a first-quarter notional crypto trading volume of $36 billion, up 224% from year-ago levels. That led to a 232% increase in crypto-related a revenue to $126 million, a primary factor, said the company, in driving overall first quarter transaction-based revenue up 59% year-over-year to $329 million.

May 06 2024: Kraken, one of the biggest crypto exchange in the world, is expanding its European market with a partnership in Germany. Kraken has announced intent to acquire Dutch crypto broker Coin Meester B.V. (BCM) while securing an E-Money Institution (EMI) authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland last year as well as operationalizing Virtual Asset Service Provider registrations (VASPs) in Ireland, Italy, Spain and Belgium in 2023, in addition to registering as a Crypto Service Provider (CSP) in the Netherlands this year.

May 05 2024: Bitcoin’s (BTC) price moved above $64,000 before making a slight correction igniting bullish momentum following the broader market recovery. The gains registered by the asset in the last 24 hours come after massive liquidations were seen across the crypto market.

May 02 2024: Bitcoin price remained in a bearish zone and traded below the $60,500 support level. BTC even settled below the $60,000 level to enter a short-term bearish zone.

May 01 2024: A bitcoin payment proof added for Extra Retirement Income, US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has taken a major step forward in the digital payments space by introducing support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This allows users to make instant and cheaper Bitcoin transfers.

April 29 2024: 50,000 USDT Payment sent to an investor,As Bitcoin fell more than 5% last week, Bitcoin Supply Chain purchased 500,000 US dollars in BTC assets. Company analysts are optimistic that the BTC price will exceed 100,000 US dollars by the end of 2024.

April 28 2024: Phoenix Wallet, a Bitcoin wallet provider for Lightning Network payments, has announced its impending removal from US application stores. Should you invest in Bitcoin for retirement?

April 27 2024: A new program lunched BTC 100x in 6 hours, A new profitable way to participate in the cryptocurrency market, allowing to play on price changes while limiting risks as much as possible. We fundamentally approach the choice of Bitcoin options that give the right to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a predetermined price for a specified period. Thorough analysis of option transactions brings profits to platform investors on an ongoing basis. How to make 100k a year in passive income?

April 25 2024: An investor paid 0.07 bitcoins and received 7 bitcoins after 24 hours, Bitwise, currently the fourth-largest spot Bitcoin ETF issuer in the United States, with assets under management totaling $1.778 billion, has published a series of stunning predictions for the Bitcoin landscape leading up to the 2028 halving.

April 23 2024: The price of bitcoin, or 1 BTC, traded at $66,083.33, as of 8 a.m. ET. The highest intraday price that the original crypto reached in the past year was $73,835.57 on March 14, 2024. Bitcoin’s all-time high was on March 14, 2024, trading at $73,835.57 per bitcoin. The lowest intraday price that the crypto traded in the past year was $24,780.17 on June 15, 2023. The original crypto is up by 139.89% year over year.

April 20 2024: The Bitcoin price was up by 2.81% reaching $64,188.42 at the time of writing on Saturday, April 20. On the other hand, it’s trading volume slumped 6.04% to $41.24 billion in the last 24 hours. Whilst, the crypto held a market capitalization of $1.26 trillion.

April 17 2024: Bitcoin has been struggling in recent weeks and could record further losses if the market condition persists. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $63,030, up by less than 1% in the last 24 hours.

April 14 2024: Brother Finance add a new USDT Payment proof, we invested 1000 USDT and return 40,000 USDT. Crypto market has lost over $430 billion in market value as Iran-Israel tensions become more intense. The global crypto market cap by 20% from $2.64 trillion to a low of $2.21 trillion amid panic selling.

April 11 2024: Investors have waited years for this moment — a new bull market. The market has been retesting levels last seen during the 2021 bull market, signalling the start of a new cycle.

April 10 2024: Crypto Trade 101 Bitcoin min deposit is 0.001 bitcoins,Bitcoin price is correcting lower below $70,000 against the US Dollar. BTC might eye another increase if the bulls remain active above the $68,500 zone.

April 08 2024: 3 BTC Payment sent into a Nigeria Crypto investor' bitcoin wallet,Hashkey Global, a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange scene, is set to shake up the market with its global crypto platform. It is considering unique approach aiming to blend the user experience of Binance with the regulatory compliance of Coinbase.

April 05 2024: ETFs have increased their net bitcoin purchases to $213 million, up from $113 million on Wednesday, bringing it to around a quarter of a billion for this week.

April 04 2024: Best bitcoin investment 2024 in canada for beginners,The best crypto exchanges for Canadian users in 2024,Kraken – The best crypto exchange for Canadian users overall. Coinbase – The most user-friendly crypto exchange.

April 02 2024: 10x Bitcoin reduced min deposit to 0.002 btc, return 0.04 btc for 0.002 btc deposited in some minutes. Safe Bitcoin Investment reduced min deposit to $50 or 0.001 btc, the Return on Investment increased to 6600%.

March 31 2024: More Bitcoin Income listed on our site, A new bitcoin payment proof added on Pension Saving Investment,A cryptocurrency analyst has predicted a massive price surge for XRP, anticipating the cryptocurrency to witness a more than 600% increase.

March 30 2024: With the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving just weeks away, industry pundit Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, is fueling the fire of investor excitement with a daring price prediction: Bitcoin reaching a staggering $150,000 by 2025.

March 27 2024: KuCoin users have withdrawn a massive amount of Ethereum (ETH), USDT and USDC from the exchange over the past 24 hours. According to data provided by Coinglass, KuCoin witnessed a total of over $350 million in withdrawals over the past.

March 25 2024: Bloomberg’s exchange-traded fund (ETF) expert Eric Balchunas says that ETF investors are currently the “strong hands” that have been buying up the Bitcoin (BTC) dip. Investing in 77x Bitcoins is the best choice.

March 22 2024: An investor from France invested 0.01 BTC and received a payment of 0.45 BTC from 45x Crypto.Despite a continuous four-day streak of net outflows from Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) totaling $93.85 million, the Bitcoin price has impressively climbed to reclaim the $66,000 mark.

March 21 2024: Coinbase has been chosen as a key infrastructure provider for Blackrock’s newly unveiled tokenized investment fund, the crypto exchange has revealed. “This is the latest progression of our digital assets strategy,” said Blackrock’s head of digital assets.

March 18 2024: Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, is thrilled to announce the launch of a zero-fee trading campaign for BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT spot trading pairs, effective from March 20, 2024, 0:00 (UTC+8).

March 16 2024: Bitcoin Energy add a new USDT payment proof, which invested 300 usdt and return 22,500 USDT. Shiba Inu Price: Failing to reach the $3 Trillion market cap, the crypto industry takes a hit this week. With a sudden fall in Bitcoin price under $68,000 the meme coin industry is under a sell-off phase.

March 15 2024: Bitcoin 100X Multiplier was closed, Over the past day, the cryptocurrency and memecoin market has experienced a significant downturn, marked by Bitcoin’s sharp decline from $73,750 to as low as $67,620, leading to a broader slump in altcoins and a nearly 6% decrease in the total crypto market capitalization, which now stands at $2.8 trillion.

March 12 2024: Brother Finance pay 0.002 btc return 0.08 btc in 24 hours,Brother Finance offer 3 Investments Plans depending on Investment amount and holding period 4000% in 24 hours,5000% in 18 hours,6000% in 12 hours, you can withdraw your funds after holding period and withdraw will be manual but it would be very fast.

March 07 2024: KuCoin has collaborated with Revolut to enable users to buy digital assets using Euros. Meanwhile, Fantom has experienced a 57.7% surge, which would be due to a large amount of inflows.

March 06 2024: 45x Crypto min deposit reduced to 0.002 btc and 100 USDT, Deposit 100 USDT and return 4500 USDT after 24 hours, Deposit 0.002 btc and return 0.09 btc in 24 hours, Invest Now.

March 02 2024: Guaranteed Profit Investment used a new domain name, Invest 0.001 btc and pay 0.068 btc after 3 days.

March 01 2024: Bitcoin Energy add in our Paying HYIP List,45000 USDT payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin, The top crypto prices today registered a mixed action as the Bitcoin (BTC) price extended lower than $62,000 while several altcoins gained significantly. In addition, Ethereum fell below $3,400. Meanwhile, other top altcoins, such as XRP, Cardano (ADA), and Solana (SOL) gained in value.

February 29 2024: Bitcoin HYP was removed from our site, 60er Investment reduced min deposit to 0.002 btc,Pay 0.002 Bitcoins and return 0.076 bitcoins after 12 hours.

February 26 2024: UNI recently rallied by over 70% from its weekly low of $7.06 following a proposal by the team to alter Uniswap’s fee structure to reward those who have staked and delegated UNI.

February 23 2024: Vip Investment was stop paying, Bitcoin is holding the range, currently trading at $51,000, as ETFs turn from a net selling outlier of $35 million on Wednesday to a net buyer of $250 million on Thursday.

February 20 2024: Our firm’s analysts predict Bitcoin’s current price hovering around the $52,000 mark, reflecting a 0.5% increase over the past 24 hours. This upward trajectory builds upon a week-long bullish trend, propelling Bitcoin’s market capitalization to $1.02 trillion.

February 12 2024: Bitcoin once again crossed $48,000 amid a sustained week-long uptrend. At last check Sunday, the world's largest cryptocurrency was trading at $48,067.30.

February 07 2024: BitMEX Research in the latest spot Bitcoin ETFs inflow report on February 7 revealed that total inflows for 10 Bitcoin ETFs dropped to just $33.7 million. Despite recording multiple net outflows, this is the second-lowest inflow for 10 spot Bitcoin ETFs after a $14.8 million inflow on January 26.

February 01 2024: Heroes of Mavia launches it’s anticipated game on iOS and Android with exclusive Mavia airdrop program.

January 24 2024: Bitcoin’s price dynamics on Jan. 24, 2024, present a complex picture of market fluctuations and investor sentiment. With prices oscillating between $39,878 and $40,069 in the past hour and a broader 24-hour range of $38,505 to $40,515, the cryptocurrency exhibits notable volatility.

January 22 2024: Bitcoin Supply Chain was listed on our site, We have been running offline for 3 years. When we went online to accept investment on January 20, 2024, we already have more than 500 investors. return 1500% daily for 3 days.

January 19 2024: Bitcoin.com is offering $15,000 in rewards to amplify liquidity and trading volume for its ecosystem token VERSE on Kucoin, a top-tier centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

January 16 2024: Crypto exchange OKX has secured a virtual asset service provider (VASP) license in Dubai via its subsidiary, OKX Middle East Fintech FZE, marking another step in the firm’s global expansion. We received 0.4 bitcoins payment from 1000x Crypto for my 0.004 btc deposited.

January 15 2024: Indian crypto enthusiasts woke up Saturday morning to a chilling sight: their favorite apps, including global giant Binance, vanished from Apple’s app store.

January 14 2024: Crypto firm Binance has been struggling to keep its grounds firm in the country of India. The Indian government’s crackdown on offshore crypto exchanges has led to some major names getting in trouble. In the wake of regulatory scrutiny, Binance has assured its customers that their funds are still safe and secured with the company.

January 12 2024: Pension Coin News: Due to the increase in BTC prices, we currently lower the minimum investment amount in BTC to 0.004 BTC. We are also open to accept USDT investment, and the minimum amount is 200 USDT.

January 11 2024: A new btc payment proof listed on Guaranteed Profit Investment,Bitcoin price remained in a range above the $45,000 support. BTC failed to climb higher above the $48,000 resistance despite approval of spot ETF.

January 09 2024: Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) could potentially commence live trading as early as Thursday or Friday, with approval happening this Wednesday, sources close to the matter told CNBC.

January 07 2024: Real Gold Investment was closed today, 45x Crypto News: The coming week might turn out to be historic for cryptocurrencies, as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was set to pronounce a decision on the spot Bitcoin [BTC] exchange-traded funds (ETFs) applications.

January 04 2024: As Bitcoin and the broader crypto market witnessed a sell-off Wednesday, MN Trading founder Michaël van de Poppe advised against taking excessive risks with leverage and recommended maintaining low-limit bids.

January 02 2024: Pension Put add a $20,000 perfect money payment proof, Invest $200 and Return $20,000 after 3 days.

January 01 2024: Happy New Year! Bitcoin Suisse Club min deposit is 0.003 Bitcoins, Deposit 0.003 btc and return 0.15 bitcoins after 5 hours.

December 30 2023: Bitcoin (BTC) registered a 160% rally this year in 2023 while the broader crypto market rallied by 100% adding $800 billion to crypto investors’ wealth in 2023. Bitfinex expects the crypto market rally to continue going ahead while predicting another 100% gain next year in 2024. Invest bitcoin retirement plan.

December 25 2023: Merry Christmas To all members, ZA Bank has set its sights on the burgeoning Web3 space. With the “Banking For Web3” vision announced in April, the bank has already extended commercial banking services to over 80 Web3 companies, including prominent entities like OKX Hong Kong and locally licensed bank partners such as HashKey and OSL.

December 21 2023: Cardano (ADA), a prominent player in the altcoin arena, is currently the talk of the town, with recent analyses predicting a potential 70% surge in its value.

December 20 2023: Network data shows that Bitcoin mining hashrate has continued its recent upward trend and reached a new all-time high. Bitcoin’s 7-day average mining hash rate just hit a new all-time high, 45x Crypto recommend that investors currently try to use USDT for investment, especially USDT (TRC20), which is the best and has the lowest transfer fees, which can reduce investment costs.

December 19 2023: A new Perfect Money payment proof added for Bitcoin Financial Freedom, Invest $100 Perfect Money Return $8400 after 2 days.

December 16 2023: Extra Retirement Income gives you a great opportunity to earn profit from your investment. We generate enough profits mainly in which we diversify our investments so we will never have to depend on new deposits, We pay 4200% - 7700% within 8 - 24 hours.

December 14 2023: The cryptocurrencies backed by the Terra Classic ecosystem, LUNC and USTC, recently amassed noteworthy attention among crypto market fanatics as the tokens showcased significant upward market trajectories on Thursday.

December 12 2023: Bitcoin HYIP add a new btc payment proof, El Salvador is set to make history with the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin bonds, tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, Guaranteed Profit Investment pay 0.068 btc for 0.001 Bitcoins Invested.

December 10 2023: 10x Bitcoins Special Offer Updated: Invest 0.012 BTC Return 0.32 BTC in 10 minutes Limited Offer Until March 1st 2023,Robinhood, a well-known trading and brokerage firm, has significantly expanded its services by introducing its cryptocurrency trading platform to the European Union.

December 08 2023: $30,000 Perfect Money payment sent to a China Investor,The development of the crypto industry has resulted in fewer Perfect Money investors, but we still accept investments from Perfect Money.

December 07 2023: 1000X Crypto Trade reduced min deposit from 0.004 btc to 0.002 bitcoins, Pay 0.002 btcreturn 0.2 bitcoins in 24 hours. Robinhood Markets Inc. launches a new application for commission-free cryptocurrency trading in the European Union.

December 06 2023: ADA and DOGE are top gainers on Wednesday, Dec. 6, surging over 10% in the last 24 hours as BTC holds above the $44K level. Top crypto assets by market capitalization are in the green.

December 04 2023: $3100 Perfect Money payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,Bitcoin (BTC) has reached the $40,000 level for the first time since April 2022, climbing around 2% in 24 hours. lowest minimum investment program 0.001 Bitcoin.

December 02 2023: As the price of BTC approaches $40,000, Guaranteed Profit Investment accept a minimum investment of 0.001 BTC today. Customers can invest 0.001 BTC and will receive 0.068 BTC in 5 days.Invest Here.

November 30 2023: Best HYIP To Invest have launched our own investment plan, which is not high-return or ultra-short-term, but focuses on sound investment. No hidden fees, all cryptocurrency investments accepted, Perfect Money and Payyer are both accepted.

November 29 2023: Crypto Mining Investment add an investment news: The United Arab Emirates-based cryptocurrency mining firm, Phoenix Group, has announced a revised date for its highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO) on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

November 27 2023: One Bitcoin payment proof added on Bitcoin Pension Saving's Payment page,Leading crypto exchange OKX has announced a new crypto exchange and Web3 wallet launch in Brazil.

November 25 2023: New Bitcoin Investment program: 1000X Crypto Trade listed in our site,Received my 0.135 btc payment on time from 45x Crypto,Coinbase’s BTC reserves have increased by 12,000 BTC, worth about $450 million, while Binance’s Bitcoin holdings have decreased by about 5,000 BTC, or $187 million.

November 24 2023: A btc payment proof added on Bitcoin Stock, KuCoin, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will delist 10 altcoins from its platform in order to promote compliance within the crypto exchange.

November 22 2023: 0.387 btc payment sent to a Bitcoin7 USA Investor,As the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced a $4.3 billion settlement with Binance, former CEO Changpeng Zhao stepped down from his position while pleading guilty to security law violations. 45x Crypto add into the Top 10 Crypto Investment on 2023 Year.

November 20 2023: Safe Bitcoin Invest add a new bitcoin payment proof, Mastercard will combine its crypto intelligence solution with Feedzai’s RiskOps platform in order to identify fraudulent transactions before they occur.

November 18 2023: 60er Investment's increased the return on investment for PLAN A from 3500% to 3800%. If investors invest $100, then they will get $3800 in 12 hours.

November 17 2023: Bitcoin HYIP add a new btc payment proof,The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has revealed its latest guidance to combat the use of unauthorized digital assets by digital assets providers in the country in order to ensure the integrity of the UAE’s financial system.

November 16 2023: The Philippines announced the launch of tokenized treasury bonds, which will script history with a vision of a new digital financial era. The Bureau of the Treasury made the announcement, planning to offer 10 billion pesos (approximately $179 million) of one-year tokenized bonds.

November 14 2023: Acheter Bitcoin Online reduced min deposited from 0.005 btc to 0.002 Bitcoins,Pay 0.002 - 0.099 BTC today, get 6000% BTC in 24 hours.

November 13 2023: Crypto media firm The Block sold a majority stake to Foresight Ventures in a deal, valuing it at $70 million. Most capital is used to buy out former CEO Mike McCaffrey’s stake.

November 10 2023: Doha Investment News: Coinbase, recognized as the top U.S. cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, appears impassive in its leadership position, according to data from Kaiko. Kraken, slightly behind, is moving forward, gradually taking over Coinbase’s market dominance. According to the data, Coinbase’s 24-hour trading volume is approximately $2.4 billion, significantly lower than Binance’s $9.34 billion in the global spot market.

November 09 2023: Since the price of BTC has increased to $36,000, 60erInvestment minimum investment has dropped to 0.003 BTC. deposit 0.003 bitcoins here , return 0.105 bitcoins after 12 hours.

November 08 2023: 0.93 BTC Payment sent into a Boston Crypto investor' bitcoin wallet,Binance, one of the largest blockchain ecosystem platforms for cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of a new Web3 wallet at the Binance Blockchain Week conference in Istanbul.

November 07 2023: 45x Crypto has been paying for 22 days, the number of members has exceeded 300, and the total payment amount has exceeded $1.2 million,Invest in 45x Crypto and you will become the next crypto millionaire.Coinbase issued an alert for its users, especially those holding Bitcoin SV, to withdraw the altcoin. However, if users fail to withdraw, Coinbase will liquidate any remaining BSV remaining in the Coinbase wallet.

November 06 2023: Guaranteed Profit Investment min deposit reduced to 0.002 bitcoins,In the past week, the S&P 500 experienced a significant increase, causing it to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to Santiment’s trend analysis, the S&P 500 gained over 6% in value within just four days.

November 05 2023: Because the BTC price is stable at $35,000, Casa Bitcoin reduced min deposit to 0.004 bitcoins. Crypto News Live.

November 02 2023: Payment giant PayPal has received a subpoena from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding its U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin.

October 31 2023: 45X Crypto listed in our site and add a bitcoin payment proof,Web3 wallet Backpack to launch VASP-licensed crypto exchange in Dubai.

October 30 2023: 0.54 bitcoins sent to a member,Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives and copy trading platform, is thrilled to announce to be one of the first centralized exchanges to list TIA, the native cryptocurrency of Celestia’s groundbreaking blockchain ecosystem.

October 28 2023: Bitcoin’s jump to above $35,000 this week came amid the crypto market’s latest spot Bitcoin ETF anticipation. This has the flagship cryptocurrecy looking at potentially printing the first consecutive weekly green candle since late July/early August when it went on to hit lows of $24,900 in September.

October 26 2023: 0.63 bitcoins payment sent to a Bitcoin7's Vip member who invested 4th times, Our company has purchased 20 new mining machines. Currently, the computing power of our computer room can create a profit of 1.2 BTC for our company every day.

October 25 2023: Bitcoin Sportsbook Bet's min deposit reduced from 0.005 btc to 0.002 bitcoins, Invest 0.002 btc and Return 0.2 Bitcoins after 120 hours.

October 24 2023: 45x Crypto provide the fastest bitcoin multiply. We need just 2 hours to multiply 45x your bitcoins. A Bitcoin payment proof added, Bloomberg’s Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) analyst Eric Balchunas has highlighted a recent bold move made by top investment asset management firm BlackRock in respect to its Bitcoin spot ETF.

October 21 2023: 1.6 Bitcoins Bonus sent to a Bitcoin Stock's VIP member who won the Lucky Investors on October 2023. Best Crypto Investment Program updated For 2023.

October 16 2023: Fluent Finance, a US-based startup that aims to bridge banking and Web3, has announced that it will partner with the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to develop deposit token-based tech.

October 15 2023: The FTX estate has reportedly staked 5.5 million Solana (SOL), worth $122 million. This development comes amidst fears of the defunct crypto exchange liquidating a substantial portion of its SOL holdings and inducing a bearish trend.

October 14 2023: WeChat operator, Tencent, announced the launch of a new digital yuan smart contract enterprise credit solution platform. The new platform aims to bring a more convenient and efficient financing service for small and medium-sized enterprises.

October 12 2023: Mastercard has announced that it has demonstrated a new solution that enables central bank CBDC to be interoperable with different blockchains.

October 10 2023: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 20X Bitcoin add an investment news, Jordan Love has been throwing a lot to start the season but the Raiders defense may be equipped to stop him when the Packers head to Sin City for Monday Night Football.

October 06 2023: A new bitcoin payment added in the Payment Proof page,Hong Kong will not allow retail investors to trade stablecoins until they are officially regulated, which is projected to happen by the end of 2024.

October 02 2023: Cryptocurrency lender Blockfi is moving closer to returning funds to customers after a bankruptcy judge confirmed its Chapter 11 plan on Tuesday. The plan outlines a process for the company to distribute remaining assets to clients and attempt to recover additional funds.

September 29 2023: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has slammed JPMorgan’s British retail bank, Chase UK, for changing its policy to block all crypto-related payments. Crypto exchange Binance is closing down all exchange services and business lines in Russia. The company has entered into a sales agreement with Commex. A Binance executive explained that operating in Russia is not compatible with the company’s compliance strategy. “

September 24 2023: Leading UK bank Barclays has implemented a substantial measure that could potentially result in certain expatriate clients encountering difficulties in accessing their savings and pensions.

September 22 2023: Stablecoin coin issuer Tether has announced it is resuming lending USDT to clients. The announcement comes less than a year after the company announced it would stop issuing loans. 4.1 Bitcoins payment sent to a Korea investor, CoinShares, a European crypto investment firm, has launched a new hedge fund aimed at qualified U.S. investors as part of the company’s strategy to expand its geographical coverage.

September 20 2023: 0.76 Bitcoins Proof added in Doha Investment 's Payment Proof page,Nomura, a $500 billion Japanese investment banking giant, has launched a new Bitcoin fund for institutional investors.

September 19 2023: Thailand is looking to tax overseas income from 2024. This includes from crypto trading, as per Section 48 of the Revenue Code.

September 14 2023: 3 Bitcoins payment sent to a Canada Investor, Coinbase Global Inc has decided to integrate the Lightning Network that aims at making Bitcoin a viable option for faster and cheaper global payments.

September 12 2023: PayPal continues to expand its digital asset services, integrating new methods of selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Global payments giant PayPal continues to expand its digital asset services by integrating new methods of selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

September 08 2023: Coinbase is looking at "markets that are enacting clear rules" for the crypto industry, with the European Union, U.K., Canada, Brazil, Singapore and Australia its near-term priorities.

September 04 2023: Bitcoin Gold Investments add a new payment proof, OKX is in the final stage of preparing its VASP license application to operate in Hong Kong, aiming to attract up to 200,000 retail users within a year of approval.

September 02 2023: Bitcoin has plunged towards the $26,000 level as on-chain data shows the Bitcoin mines have been participating in a selloff.

September 01 2023: Artificial intelligence and crypto take center stage in the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) second Trends, Risks, and Vulnerabilities (TRV) Report of 2023.

August 28 2023: New Investment site : Bitcoin Gold Investments listed in our site,Bitcoin Gold Investments is here to assist investors with either short-term profit goals or long-term preservation strategies.

August 24 2023: A payment proof added on Bitcoin Times, The State Bank of Pakistan's acknowledged Ripple's role in making cross-border payments easier,Coinbase and Circle co-created USDC in 2018 and have jointly managed the asset, which aims to maintain a peg to the US dollar, through the Centre Consortium.Top US crypto exchange by trading volume Coinbase is investing in the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin issuer Circle.

August 23 2023: 0.798 bitcoins sent into a Finland Investor,Citibank explores the potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to revamp securities settlements based on securities firms survey.

August 19 2023: JPMorgan Chase, Capital One and others lost a combined $18.9 billion in the second quarter of this year due to soured loans, reports the Financial Times.

August 14 2023: Guaranteed Profit Investment updated the payment proof, Coca Cola Introduces New NFT Collection on Coinbase Blockchain,Our Company plan to buy.

August 12 2023: Bitcoin7 min deposit reduced to 0.003 btc, Pay 0.003 btc and Return 0.21 bitcoins in 7 hours. 8 goals & 1 assist in 4.5 games including 2 freekicks, Messi simply can't be stopped. Inter Miami had 0 out of 6 victories before Messi arrived, now they have 5 out of 5.

August 08 2023: Payment Giant Paypal Introduces "PYUSD, a Stablecoin Backed by Dollars,Paxos Trust Co. issues “PayPal USD (PYUSD),” a coin backed by U.S. dollar deposits, short-term Treasury securities, and other low-risk assets. According to the article, Paypal’s U.S. customers will gradually gain access to it.

August 07 2023: CoinGecko launched a new index tracking the biggest crypto tokens viewed as likely securities by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

August 05 2023: Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, in its second quarter earnings report, announced a total revenue of $708 million for the second quarter of the year. our min deposit is 0.05 bitcoin for ROI 2000% Investment Plans.

August 03 2023: Bridgecoin Capital has today launched its lending platform, the first of its kind to lend customers’ cryptocurrencies into conventional real estate assets.

August 01 2023: Over the last few months, Litecoin has emerged as one of the top trending cryptocurrencies due to its halving event happening in August. We reserve 10,000 Litecoins.

July 31 2023: Japan’s Blockchain Association (JBA) reportedly urged the government to revise tax rules imposed on virtual assets. Trade Crypto Africa reduced min deposit.

July 28 2023: Ethereum-based software provider Flashbots has raised $60 million during its series B funding round from venture capitalists and other major players in the blockchain industry. The funding, which was led by San Francisco-based investment platform, Paradigm, has increased Flashbots’ valuation to at least $1 billion.

July 27 2023: Hong Kong is expanding its financial collaboration with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, targeting agreements related to tokenization and payments infrastructure.

July 25 2023: Bitcoin (BTC/USD) remained quite weak early in the Asian session as the pair plummeted to the 28973.24 area after trading as high as the 30350.70 area, a brief move that represented a test of a recent price objective associated with buying pressure around the 29525 and 29757.44 areas.

July 23 2023: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof, The French arm of Binance, established on November 8, 2021, disclosed its financial statement for the year 2022 on Friday. The leading auditing service firm RSM Paris audited the Binance platform and concluded that the exchange had faced a loss of €4 million in France.

July 22 2023: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, In order to reduce the burden on the server, 10x Bitcoin have cleared all data before January 1, 2023. We will not publish any private data. This is the investment feature of our company. Payment Proof page updated.

July 20 2023: OKX has announced a new feature that allows users to lock their bitcoin or BRC-20 tokens in return for BRC20-S tokens. This feature offers an additional service for users hoping to enhance their experience within the ecosystem.

July 18 2023: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, Bitcoin (BTC) has remained above $30,000 for the past month despite market indicators suggesting weakness.

July 16 2023: Guaranteed Profit Investment plan to accept USDT deposit soon, A Bitcoin payment proof added on Bitcoin Qatar Investment,The Coinbase stock price has experienced an incredible surge over the past five weeks.

July 15 2023: Casa Bitcoin listed in our site, CASA Bitcoin can give you best long term investment services. If you want to invest safe and with no risK, Casa Bitcoin will be your first choise. Join us and enjoy your long term investment.

July 14 2023: Bitrue, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, has recently made significant strides in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, introducing the long-awaited Shibarium betting pool and listing LEASH, one of the prominent tokens in the ecosystem. Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 10 2023: High Investment Accounts add a new bitcoin payment proof, The Hong Kong government has recently approved the retail trading of cryptocurrencies which went into effect on June 1, allowing retail traders to access particularly primary tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

July 09 2023: Bitcoin was hovering near the $30,000 level to start the weekend, as markets continued to digest the latest U.S. nonfarm payrolls report. Payrolls came in at 209,000, less than the 225,000 expected, putting slight doubt in a potential July rate hike. Ethereum continued to trade below $1,900 on Saturday.

July 08 2023: Bitcoin Startup Lab is gearing up for its Summer 2023 cohort, bringing together industry titans, investors and innovators to fuel growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

July 06 2023: Binance Suspends Eight Altcoins Tied to Bridge Protocol Multichain After May Incident.

July 05 2023: South Africa’s financial regulator has announced that all cryptocurrency exchanges in the country must obtain a license by the end of the year, Bloomberg reported.

July 03 2023: The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance is facing increasingly harsh regulatory headwinds in Europe. Bafin’s rejection of a license application is just the icing on the cake. In contrast, the exchange is finding an attractive alternative in the United Arab Emirates.

July 02 2023: According to a report from the third annual China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, Africa and China are continuing to strengthen their long-term trade ties. China wants to be one of Africa’s largest trading partners, and reports revealed on Friday that this year’s expo is expected to generate $19 billion in deals.

June 30 2023: Bitcoin Giveaway Life add a payment proof, The Slovak parliament voted on June 28 to approve a change that will reduce personal income tax on profits made from the sale of cryptocurrencies that the user has owned for at least one year.

June 26 2023: In light of recent enforcement actions in the United States, Binance is turning its attention to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a significant focus for its future operations.

June 24 2023: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the top-performing crypto assets this week after surging over 50% in the past five days to reach a four-month high. Trading at around $182 when writing on June 23, BCH is in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

June 23 2023: One of Japan’s most prominent banks, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), has announced its intention to issue global stablecoins linked to various foreign currencies, notably the United States dollar.

June 22 2023: Best Bitcoin Investment programs on 2023. Major crypto exchange Binance continues to expand its services globally with the latest launch of a new digital asset platform in Kazakhstan.

June 20 2023: Bckke Investment's min deposit reduced to 0.002 btc, New Bitcoin Doubler program" Bitcoin Giveaway Life" lunched today.

June 19 2023: High Investment Program add a new bitcoin payment proof, The Good HYIP which return 500% daily for 5 days.

June 18 2023: Nigerian Currency Falls by More Than 30% After Central Bank Announced New Forex Market Rules,The Nigerian currency’s official exchange rate versus the greenback recently plunged to NGN634 per dollar from just under NGN470 per dollar.

June 15 2023: Blockchain payment company Ripple Labs Inc has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Central Bank of the Republic of Colombia and together they intend to explore use cases of blockchain technology with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

June 12 2023: Robinhood removes Solana, Polygon and Cardano, is reviewing crypto options from post-SEC lawsuits,The partnership between University of Toronto and Ripple is part of the latter's University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) in Canada. 1.34 btc payment sent to Bitcoin7's member.

June 10 2023: Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com announced that it intends to halt services for institutional traders in the United States on June 21, 2023.

June 08 2023: Circle to Launch USDC Stablecoin on Arbitrum, Tradecurve Exchange to Implement AI.Circle noted several benefits of USDC’s native launch in Arbitrum, such as future Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) support, which will eliminate delays in bridge withdrawals.

June 06 2023: Major crypto exchange Kraken identified an issue with crypto funding gateways, including BTC, ETH and ERC20, as users experience delays in deposits and withdrawals.

June 04 2023: Coinbase revealed its plans to extend bitcoin and ether futures contracts to institutional investors through its derivatives exchange. The firm mentioned that the Coinbase Bitcoin (BTI) and Ether (ETI) futures contracts would be accessible via third-party institutional futures commission merchants (FCMs) and brokerage firms.

May 31 2023: Bitcoin HYIP Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Tech sector investors are in a frenzy, as they piled into tech companies in a rush not seen for a few years. After correcting for most of 2022, NASDAQ 100, the stock market index representing the US tech sector is on fire.

May 30 2023: DeFi allows anyone to participate and contribute and be rewarded accordingly. Real Gold Investment invest in DeFi companies and projects because we believe that the future of finance is decentralized. Real Gold Investment are advocating open-source, community owned and blockchain based financial solutions.

May 28 2023: One Hour HYIP's Bronze pan min deposit reduced to $100 today, Invest $100 return $2000 after one hour, the min deposit is 0.005 btc for bitcoin investors,Bitcoin's rollercoaster ride continues as the recent price drop pushes more BTC into a loss—however, signals of undervaluation hint at a potential price surge in the future.

May 27 2023: Bitcoin moved closer to the $27,000 level on Saturday, as markets continued to react to the latest Personal Consumption data from the United States. The key inflation index rose to 4.4% in April, higher than expectations of a drop to 3.9%. Ethereum also edged higher.

May 25 2023: Vip Investment Club add a new btc proof, 13x Bitcoin invest 0.002 btc and return 0.026 btc after 40 minutes.

May 24 2023: Nonfungible token marketplace NFTrade now supports cross-chain purchases on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche and BNB Chain.

May 23 2023: OKX has filed an application in France to become a registered Digital Asset Provider (DASP). Pension Coin are Rank #2 listed on Top 10 Crypto Investment Sites on USA.

May 22 2023: Our Investment plan add a 5 bitcoins payment proof, Go Safe Investment add an investment news.

May 21 2023: Hashkey Group, a prominent player on the cryptocurrency investment scene, is embarking on an ambitious funding drive at a $1 billion valuation, Sportsbook Bitcoin Bet listed on Payment proof page.

May 19 2023: Crypto Trade 101 reduced the min deposit to $50 or 0.003 btc, Coinbase launches its subscription service, Coinbase One, in 35 countries, signaling a shift in its revenue model amidst ongoing legal disputes with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

May 17 2023: Dogecoin rose to a one-week high on Wednesday, despite cryptocurrency markets mostly moving lower. As of writing, the global crypto market cap is trading nearly 1% lower. Xrp also surged, climbing by over 6% in today’s session.

May 14 2023: Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced downward price pressure in May, with the token failing to surpass the $30,000 resistance mark. This development could be linked to on-chain activities that indicate an increase in the number of Bitcoins sold on exchanges during this period.

May 13 2023: 10x Bitcoins lunched a new special investment plan: Invest 0.03 BTC Return 0.78 BTC in 10 minutes Limited Offer Until July 14th 2024. Get Bitcoin Fast use a new bitcoin address accept deposit from crypto investors.

May 09 2023: Global crypto exchange Coinbase, amid ongoing difficulties with US regulators, is considering establishing an international hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

May 06 2023: Professor Ashok Swain of Uppsala University's Department of Peace and Conflict Research says Saudi Arabia joining the BRICS economic bloc "would accelerate the bilateral trading being conducted using the yuan as the trading currency. "

May 02 2023: Bitcoin (BTC/USD) continued to orbit technically significant levels early in the Asian session as the pair stayed close to the 28525.56 area following a decline, a level that represents the 38.2% retracement of the recent depreciating range from 31050 to 26965.14. Traders pushed BTC/USD lower from the 29969.99 area until demand emerged around the 28271.44 area, representing a test of an upside price objective associated with buying pressure that emerged around the 27194.51 area.

April 29 2023: Litecoin is trading in the green today, between the $89.78 and $90 price level, to consolidate on yesterday's closing price of $89.73. LTC started the year trading at $70 on January 1, 2023. It moved to $80 by January 10 as the bulls seized control. The crypto traded at $100.44 on February 1 for the first time in 2023.

April 27 2023: Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof,Crypto.com and Samsung have announced their collaboration for the latest Crypto.com app update, Version 3.158.1. The updated app will feature an optimized experience for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices, including the latest Galaxy Z Fold4.

April 22 2023: Bitcoin suffered significant losses today as regulatory pressures took a toll on market sentiment. With prices dropping, many traders are left wondering if the cryptocurrency could fall below the critical support level of $27,000.

April 20 2023: Pension Savings Plan lunched new investment plan: Invest $200 ( 0.01 BTC) Return $20,000 (1 BTC ) after 3 days.Electric car maker Tesla did not buy or sell any bitcoin in the first quarter of 2023, the company reported in its earnings release. The value of digital assets held by Elon Musk's company at quarter's end was $184 million, flat from the fourth quarter of 2022.

April 19 2023: A new bitcoin payment proof added on Crypto 100x Investment.

April 18 2023: Vip Investment Club add a new bitcoin payment proof,The live price of Bitcoin is $ 29,471.07 per (BTC / USD) today with a current market cap of $ 570.24B USD. 24-hour trading volume is $ 16.70B USD. BTC to USD price is updated in real-time. Bitcoin is -1.88% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 19.35M USD. Now we need to wait for BTC to stand firm at $28800, and then sprint to $31000 again. If it falls below $28800, BTC price will return to around $26000.

April 16 2023: Safe Bitcoin Invest Listed in our Premium HYIPs, Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin's price has been increasing consistently lately, continuing its bullish phase since the beginning of the year. However, the market is currently at a key resistance level, and its reaction is essential for the trend in the next few months.If the upward trend can be maintained, the BTC price will quickly reach $35,000.

April 15 2023: Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue has lost millions of U.S. dollars' worth of ether and other coins in a hack. The trading platform suspended withdrawals until early next week to conduct additional security checks and promised to compensate the affected users.

April 11 2023: Bitcoin Sportsbook Bet lunched new small investment plan : Invest 0.005 btc return 0.5 btc after 120 hours.

April 10 2023: 10x Bitcoin Investment listed on Payment proof page,BTC Price Prediction: After an aggressive rally in March's first half, the Bitcoin price turned sideways in light of increasing uncertainty in the crypto market. Thus, the prices walking a lateral path over the past three weeks between $28800 and $26500 levels created a narrow range. Here's how you may find a long-entry opportunity in BTC amid the sluggish market sentiment.

April 06 2023: Bitcoin Qatar Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Metacade, one of the most highly anticipated GameFi projects in 2023, has spectacularly sold out in its final stage presale, raising an impressive $16.4 million.

April 04 2023: 1.25 Bitcoins Proof added on Doha Investment 's Payment Proof page,The investment branch of Coinbase, one of the largest centralized exchanges, will receive a share of rewards dedicated to Rocket Pool's Oracle DAO.

March 30 2023: Hong Kong-based ProDigital Future is going all in on crypto with a $100 million fund for digital asset investment. The fund will invest in early-stage and developing ventures, along with tech firms with ties to China.

March 25 2023: A new bitcoin payment added in the Go Safe Investment's Payment Proof page.

March 23 2023: The German government has allocated $1.2 million in funding for a metaverse game being developed by Flying Sheep Studios. The company, based in Cologne, will use the funds for the development of a game called Star Life, which will also include blockchain elements in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

March 21 2023: Crypto investors in Nigeria no longer need to rely on centralized exchanges for buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.Self-custody cryptocurrency purchases are becoming easier in Nigeria as major crypto wallet MetaMask expands direct onramps with local banks. Crypto 100x add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 19 2023: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, The largest US crypto exchange platform by volume is reportedly developing an overseas trading platform in response to a domestic crackdown on crypto assets.

March 16 2023: 1.22 Bitcoins send to a France member,Taxpayers in the United Kingdom will have to report cryptocurrency assets separately in their tax documents for the tax year 2024-25, according to the Exchequer's recently published spring 2023 budget. Best Cryptocurrency Investment For 2023 Year.

March 15 2023: Bitcoin Price Invest was closed, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin and One Hour HYIP were add new bitcoin payment proof.On-chain data shows around 2.7 million more coins have entered a state of profit following Bitcoin's jump above the $25,000 level.After the failure of three major U.S. banks last week, with two of them being the second and third largest banking failures in the country, Moody's Investors Service has downgraded the rating of the U.S. banking system from "stable" to "negative." As one of the "Big Three" credit rating firms, Moody's cited a "rapid deterioration in the operating environment" following the collapse of these banks.

March 13 2023: U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has ruled out a government bailout of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which was shut down by regulators on Friday.

March 01 2023: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof,10x Bitcoins stop accept ethereum deposit from investors, If investors want to invest via ethereum USDT or other cryptocurrenies, Just contact us for exchange the cryptocurrency to Bitcoins. we don't charges any fees. Best way to invest in cryptocurrency.

February 27 2023: Citrus Finance reduced min deposit to $100 , 2023 comes with great opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. And among all the new projects launching every day, some decide to hold crypto airdrops to give away some crypto and to promote themselves among those interested. Abu Dhabi Bitcoin is Best Way to Invest BTC.

February 24 2023: 2 Hours BTC was closed, A collaboration between financial services giant Mastercard and web3 tech company Immersve is set to offer a new option for paying physical, digital and metaverse purchases using crypto assets. 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 20 2023: Bitcoin was hovering close to $25,000 on Feb. 20, as cryptocurrency markets traded close to recent highs. Markets started the week partially in the green, ahead of a key week of economic data. The United States FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will release its latest minutes on Wednesday, followed by U.S. gross domestic product data on Thursday. Ethereum continues to trade above $1,700 today.

February 15 2023: Ripple announced today that it will join other crypto industry companies in providing funds for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. In a tweet, Ripple wrote that it will provide $1 million in XRP to support NGOs.

February 10 2023: A new Bitcoin Payment proof added on Doha Investment,Generally beleaguered throughout 2022, Tether has managed to improve its financial situation drastically and top it all with a $700 million Q4 net profit.

February 07 2023: Go Safe Investment add an investment news, Crypto100x add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 06 2023: Bitcoin HYIPs add a new bitcoin payment proof,Indonesia has finally set a date for its long-awaited national cryptocurrency exchange. Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan announced that the exchange would launch in June later this year after it was initially set to launch by the end of 2022.

February 01 2023: multi-chain smart contract and decentralized application (dApp) network Astar announced its inaugural Web3 hackathon. The news of note, however, was that it's being supported by the Toyota Motor Corporation. 6 BTC Payment sent into a Thailand investor' bitcoin wallet from Bitcoin Qatar Fund.

January 25 2023: The Plan 1 for Abu Dhabi Bitcoin reopen for Bitcoin investors with min deposit 0.005 btc, Invest 0.005 btc return 0.155 bitcoin after 24 hours. the Plan 1 will not accept perfect money deposit and payeer deposit. One Hour HYIP will bring huge profits and returns to investors, joining us is a shortcut for you to become a millionaire.

January 16 2023: According to data from DeFiLlama, DeFi TVL has exceeded $45 billion - its highest point in the past two months. Major DeFi protocols such as Lido Finance and MakerDAO played a significant role in the DeFi TVL rise. Lido has amassed double-digit gains over the past week, adding $8.4 billion to the DeFi ecosystem since its lower low late last year.

January 09 2023: Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) has announced that its European Fund has set aside cash to invest in the Bitcoin market. According to its annual shareholder's report filed on January 5 to the SEC, the company's European Opportunity Fund has made a deliberate attempt to invest in the volatile crypto market via cash-settled futures or indirectly through Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

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December 24 2022: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year For 2023!

December 19 2022: Congratulations Messi, Congratulations Argentina! This is a great World Cup, Messi, without a doubt, GOAT! cryptocurrency exchange OKX faced massive disruption in its services and withdrawals after its cloud infrastructure provider Alibaba announced a major hardware failure in Alibaba Cloud's Hong Kong data center. Bitcoin Price News.

December 16 2022: The Bitcoin price has once again fallen below the $17,000 mark after it became known that the auditing firm Mazars will pause its work with Binance.

December 10 2022: The bearish trend in the crypto market has been blowing a negative wave. The overall decline is affecting crypto assets and firms in different ways. Following the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange, many individual and institutional investors recorded massive losses. Make Up for your lose from the Best Investment programs.

December 05 2022: Laliga, the premier Spanish soccer league, has announced the implementation of a new system that will use blockchain for tracking soccer balls that were used to score a goal. The system, which will be provided by Gol-Ball, a third-party company, will certify these balls to allow users to purchase them through official markets or raffles.

December 01 2022: Congratulations! Americans from New York to LA celebrate Team USA's 1-0 win over Iran to advance to the World Cup's knockout stage for the first time since 2014 and set up a do-or-die matchup with the Dutch. Lastest Crypto Sportsbook News. 1.5 Bitcoin Payment sent to a 60er Investment 's Toronto member.

November 29 2022: The $2 billion of Bitcoin funds moved by Binance was a part of a proof-of-reserve audit conducted by the crypto exchange. Bitcoin Suisse is the Swiss crypto-finance and investment market leader. Bitcoin Suisse have been committed to creating wealth for our members, we welcome investors of any nationality, TOPHYIP is our cooperative investment monitor website.

November 28 2022: 77x Bitcoins add an investment news, 2 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin, Bitcoin 100x in 4 Hours have been running successfully for 1 year, and all investors have been paid perfectly. We will improve the plan in the near future to better serve our customers.

November 26 2022: Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi has teamed up with a digital currency company called Bit Get. Based in Singapore, the firm will allow fans of the Paris Saint-Germain team - which Messi plays for - to trade digital assets and explore the growing world of web3.

November 22 2022: Crypto brokerage firm Genesis Trading is struggling majorly to raise fresh capital in its current time of distress. As per the latest WSJ report, the crypto lender also approached players like Binance and Apollo Global Management to bid for its loan book.

November 21 2022: GoSafeInvestment add a new bitcoin payment proof,The trading price of the altcoin SNM suddenly rose by over 4,000% to $10.91 on Nov. 20, 5:30 a.m. (ET), while the coin's 24-hour trade volume stood at just over $720 million. The altcoin's abrupt price surge has fueled speculation that the altcoin is being targeted by a pump-and-dump group.

November 20 2022: Man Group, the world's largest publicly traded hedge fund with $142 billion in assets under management, is moving ahead with plans to launch a crypto hedge fund.

November 18 2022: Bitcoin Sportsbook listed in our Paying HYIP Sites,The main objective of bitcoinsportsbookbet.com investment fund is to ensure high returns in the long term. The Company is attracting investments to benefit from the effect of scale - the higher the investment, the higher the return.

November 17 2022: Due to the sharp drop in BTC prices, 77X Bitcoins minimum investment amount has increased from 0.003 BTC to 0.005 BTC, Deposit 0.005 Bitcoin Return 0.385 BTC in 24 hours.

November 16 2022: 6.4 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,The first of several releases starring Cristiano Ronaldo, a legendary player in football, will be the CR7 NFT series, which is only accessible on Binance NFT.New Bitcoin Payment Added on One Hour HYIP today,Compass Coffee, a cafe company based in Washington DC, has partnered with the Embassy of El Salvador to launch Bitcoin Blend, a limited-edition roast dedicated to the farmers of El Salvador, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

November 14 2022: 2 Hours BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof, Crypto 100x Investment we have a team of professional investment managers using time-tested financial market investment strategies.

November 12 2022: Bitcoin Qatar Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, Contingent Investment pay $150,000 Bitcoins for a small $4000 deposited in 4 days.

November 10 2022: Because the BTC price has dropped by 20% in the past 48 hours, Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier is minimum investment amount has been increased to 0.01 BTC, Deposit 0.01 btc Return 0.5 btc after 12 hours.

November 09 2022: MarginX, the world's first community-based decentralized exchange (DEX), launches on the Function X blockchain today. A new bitcoin payment proof added in Bitcoin Financial Freedom's Proofs page, Crypto Mining Investment add an investment news.

November 08 2022: Christmas benefits Bitcoin Suisse will draw 10 lucky investors among investors in November and December, and each lucky investor will get a reward of 0.1 BTC on December 25th 2022, Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 07 2022: The Indian government has maintained a bullish stance on its income tax on crypto assets. The government demonstrated this with the proposal of a Cryptocurrency and Regulation of the Official Digital Currency Bill in 2022.

November 03 2022: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new Bitcoin payment proof,Proof Payment.The American central bank said on Wednesday that the hike aims to curb inflation and the Fed says "recent indicators point to modest growth in spending and production."

November 02 2022: Our Payment Proof page updated, 3.48 Bitcoin Payment sent to a 60er Investment's member,Data shows the Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Index has plunged down recently, here's what has happened in the past during instances of such a trend.

November 01 2022: 1.03 Bitcoin Payment added in Bitcoin Stock Payment PROOF Page,Banking giant Morgan Stanley says that blue-chip investors are reportedly lagging behind in terms of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto. Apollo Global Management has begun holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on its client's behalf via a new partnership with the digital asset platform, Anchorage Digital. The move is a massive step by one of the largest asset managers to offer crypto to institutional investors.

October 24 2022: the Spain-based bank, has presented a project to use tokenization in tandem with the digital real, the proposed Brazilian cryptocurrency, in order to facilitate property transactions.

October 19 2022: Legit HYIP was removed from our Paying HYIP Sites, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 18 2022: Payments giant Mastercard has introduced a new program called Crypto Source to enable financial institutions to offer crypto trading and other related services to their customers. Mastercard has partnered with Paxos Trust Company to support this program, Doha Investment Plan add a new btc proof.

October 13 2022: Crypto exchange Coinbase has triggered a massive rally in one low-cap Ethereum-based altcoin after giving sudden support for the project. Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 06 2022: DeFiChain (DFI) has announced the addition of four new dTokens to its ever-expanding list of decentralized finance instruments, Pension Coin add a new bitcoin payment.

October 02 2022: 1.1 Bitcoins Payment proof added on ABU Dhabi Bitcoin,Software company MicroStrategy has advertised a position for a Bitcoin Lightning Network engineer, signaling the company's continued move into the digital asset space.

September 27 2022: Telefonica, one of the largest telecom carriers in Spain, and Qualcomm, the fabless chip designer, have inked a partnership to advance joint extended reality and metaverse initiatives. 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 25 2022: Bitcoin 7 Crypto add a 0.7 bitcoin payment proof for 0.01 btc deposit, 10x Bitcoin add an investment news.

September 17 2022: Binance partners with Ukrainian supermarket chain to accept crypto through Pay Wallet.

September 13 2022: Fidelity Investments might provide its clients with access to Bitcoin trading via its brokerage platform, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 11 2022: HYIP Monitor's Investment plan was updated, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 08 2022: The Japanese government has become one of the first to issue nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as a form of supplementary rewards to recognize the work of local authorities who have excelled at using digital technology to solve local challenges.

September 05 2022: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, Get Bitcoin Fast for New crypto investors.

September 01 2022: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 2 Hours BTC add a new ethereum payment proof.

August 30 2022: Over the past few years, Ripple has partnered with different banking and financial institutions across the globe to offer its crypto-powered financial services, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add an investment news.

August 27 2022: The Lightning accelerator, Wolf, will be based in Manhattan, New York and is exclusively non-remote. It will include mentorship, funding and work space.

August 24 2022: One Of Malaysia's Largest Investment Banks To Launch Bitcoin, Crypto Super App,Kenanga Investment Bank to partner with Ant Group to launch a super app housing all of its financial services including a bitcoin and crypto digital wallet.Kenanga Investment Bank to launch a super app in 2023 which will support bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

August 23 2022: The Swiss post office, via its banking arm PostFinance, plans to launch the crypto custody and trading services by 2024.

August 21 2022: Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof,One of the world's largest crypto firms, Binance, is aggressively making its presence felt across several nations. Before now, the crypto company has launched its operations in Europe.

August 20 2022: 1.4 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin,The cryptocurrency market has now faced another challenge. In the last day, bitcoin prices fell by around $2,000, causing the cryptocurrency market to lose a significant amount of value.

August 18 2022: Crypto 100X add a bitcoin payment proof, The government of Colombia has released a statement confirming its plans for a digital currency.

August 17 2022: U.K.-based digital bank Revolut has been authorized by Cyprus to provide cryptocurrency services to millions of customers on the Old Continent. The fintech firm says the regulatory approval will allow it to establish a European crypto hub in the island nation.

August 14 2022: PicPay, a Brazilian-based payment and wallet app is now providing crypto services to more than 30 million active users in the country.

August 12 2022: CoinLedger, a major tax reporting platform for DeFi, crypto, and NFT users, has officially expanded into Canada. Crypto users and investors in Canada can use it to automate all of their income tax reporting, capital gains, and losses under Canadian tax laws, Pension Coin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 10 2022: Bitcoin 7 add an investment news for investors, Pay 0.01 bitcoin and Get 0.7 bitcoins after 7 hours.

August 08 2022: A new Bitcoin Payment Proof added on BitcoinFinancialFreedom.com,Giant crypto exchange Crypto.com has secured access to the South Korean crypto market after acquiring two local companies which will provide it with EFTA and VASP registration in the country.

August 06 2022: Minimum Bitcoin Investment was closed, Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 04 2022: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,UK Based Football Club Oxford City Embraces Bitcoin As Payment For Match Tickets.

August 01 2022: The Central Bank of Uruguay made a call to Binance, one of the largest exchanges in the world, due to the series of cryptocurrency-based savings products they are offering in the country. Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 30 2022: The Central African Republic's token sale appeared to have gotten to a slow start after less than 13 million out of the 210 million Sango coins were sold since the commencement of the sale on July 25.

July 26 2022: 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, One Hour HYIP add an investment news.

July 25 2022: Hold Gain was closed,The real estate market in the metaverse is projected to pass $5 billion by 2026. This is the prediction of the latest metaverse report by Technavio, a global market research firm.

July 18 2022: Christie's launches venture fund aimed at Web3 and blockchain investments.

July 15 2022: OKX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, announced on Thursday, July 14th, that it had gained approval to operate in Dubai, the United Arabs Emirate.

July 13 2022: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Chicago Based Brokerage Firm M1 Finance To Render Crypto Trading Services.M1 Finance is known to provide commission-free trading on exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks. It also offers retirement accounts and plans to add users' trading services and crypto accounts.

July 12 2022: U.S. brokerage firm M1 Finance will soon roll out crypto accounts and commission-free trading services for ten digital assets.

July 09 2022: Trading app Robinhood announced that it is enabling transfers for all listed crypto-assets on its platform. The app said it will now support transfers of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Polygon, and Shiba Inu. Robinhood tweeted, "Crypto transfers are here. You can now send and receive all listed crypto assets on Robinhood.

July 07 2022: Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier bought 5 million Dogecoins, we believe the bull market in the crypto market is coming, invest in us and you will be rich.

July 05 2022: A new HYIP program started: Crypto Trade Africa,they minimize risk by diversifing in multiple areas such as Crypto Mining, Crypto Trade, and innovative commericial businesses; and are constantly pushing to acheive greater results with each successful return.

July 04 2022: 7.2 BTC Payment sent into a Morocco investor' bitcoin wallet from Bitcoin Qatar.

July 03 2022: Legit Bitcoin Investment add a new payment proof.

July 02 2022: Facebook, now known as Meta, has begun rolling out NFTs for select US-based creators on its flagship social network. If successful and deployed on a larger scale, users will be able to connect their crypto wallets to their Facebook profiles. 1.99 Bitcoins Payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin.

July 01 2022: Crypto asset manager Grayscale is suing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over a rejected bid to convert Grayscale's Bitcoin (BTC) fund into an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Conting Investment fixed the investment plans.

June 30 2022: Bitcoin Times used a new BTC address to accept investments from our clients. Old BTC addresses are no longer accepting investments,Doha Investment invested $1 million in a crypto gaming company, which heralds our company's official entry into the crypto gaming industry,Investing in us is investing in a better future.

June 29 2022: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin Suisse reached 100 members today, which is a moment to celebrate, our company is thriving, we'll be hiring 20 people in a week, and we'll serve our investors better.

June 28 2022: 0.775 Bitcoins Payment Proof added on 60er Investment,The world's largest crypto exchange Binance and its executives have strongly supported Bitcoin amid its price fall under intense market pressure, Crypto 100x add a new btc proof.

June 25 2022: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin min deposit is 0.005 BTC for bitcoin investors, An investor from Finland got 10.72 BTC from One Hour HYIP, she only invested 0.3573 BTC and got 10.72 BTC an hour later.

June 24 2022: Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world's top-earning athletes, has entered into a partnership with Binance which gives his supporters a chance to join the footballer's Web3 community.

June 22 2022: Crypto Exchange FTX Injects $250,000,000 into BlockFi and Acquires Equity Clearing Company,Go Safe Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof today,Fountain Now Allows Users To Earn Bitcoin While Listening To Podcasts.

June 21 2022: Crypto exchange OKX on Tuesday said it will launch a new type of custody account to grant users more control over their funds and avoid risks, Crypto Trade 101 listed on Payment Proof page.

June 20 2022: Because the BTC price dropped to $20,000, Pension Coin adjusted the BTC investment amount of each investment plan, A new bitcoin payment added in our proof page.

June 18 2022: As the BTC price dropped to around $20000, 10x Bitcoin's minimum investment was raised to 0.01 BTC,Invest 0.01 btc Return 0.2 btc in 10 minutes,Special Offer Invest 0.05 BTC Return 1.3 BTC in 10 minutes Limited Offer Until October 15th 2022.

June 15 2022: Crypto Trade 101 added in our Paying HYIP Sites, 13X Bitcoin min deposit is 0.005 btc now.

June 14 2022: Bitcoin7 invest 0.028 btc return 1.96 btc after 7 hours, 70er Investment increase min deposit to 0.005 bitcoins.

June 13 2022: Russia is expected to legalize bitcoin and other forms of crypto as payment methods soon, according to the country's Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov. Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 12 2022: Bitcoin HYIPs add a new bitcoin payment proof,Nearly 75% of US Merchants Plan To Accept Crypto or Stablecoins Within Two Years, According to Deloitte Survey.

June 11 2022: Payments giant Mastercard has announced it is working to bring direct payment support for a number of NFT and Web3 platforms with its cards.

June 08 2022: PayPal now allows Bitcoin transfers to external wallets, 10x Bitcoin min deposit is 0.2 eth for Ethereum investors.

June 06 2022: The leading cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinsPaid has demonstrated record growth in 2022.

June 04 2022: Pension Put have redesigned the investment plan to improve investor returns and shorten the investment period, which is more in the interest of investors.

June 03 2022: Euro Bitcoin Trade min deposit is $50 and 0.002 btc today, It is a good new for small investors, One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,An investor from Durin got 0.3 BTC, he only invested 0.01 BTC and got 0.3 BTC an hour later.

June 01 2022: Bitcoin Supply Chain was removed from our Paying HYIP Sites, Citrus Finance pay 4600% ROI within 12 hours, Vip Investment Club add an investment news.

May 31 2022: An investor from London was paid 19BTC, he achieved financial freedom, congratulations!Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat on Tuesday announced "Project Guardian" to explore the tokenization of financial assets and use cases of DeFi.

May 28 2022: The largest stablecoin by market capitalization, tether (USDT), is now supported on the Polygon blockchain (formally called Matic). USDT's market valuation today is $72.6 billion and the stablecoin trade volume is $59.15 billion out of the $106.34 billion in global trade volume on Friday.

May 27 2022: Contingent Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,With minimum of $4,000 you earn $150,000 in 2 days .

May 26 2022: Bitcoin Qatar Investment add a new bitcoin payment , Guaranteed Profit Investment,Leading Brazilian real estate developer Gafisa has begun accepting crypto for property sales.

May 25 2022: Bitcoin Suisse Club add a bitcoin news today, An investor from San Marino deposited 0.07 BTC to our investment program and now he got 7 BTC payment in return from Bitcoin Times.

May 24 2022: One Hour HYIP reduced the min deposit for payeer investors, invest $100 payeer now ,return $2000 after one hours. Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 23 2022: A new bitcoin payment added in 60er Investments Payment Proof page, A Manchester investor was paid 0.969 BTC ,congratulate the Manchester City football team on winning the Premier League,Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 22 2022: Top Coins To Buy As We Enter The Second Half Of 2022.

May 20 2022: Vietnam Launches Blockchain Association to Conduct Research and Suggest Regulations,CoinCorner Offers The Bolt Card, Contactless BTC Payments,Pension Coin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 19 2022: 10x Bitcoin plan to carry out exchange business in the near future, involving exchanges between PERFECT MONEY , PAYEER , BTC, ETH, USDT, which can already be exchanged offline. It is currently the reward period. All exchanges will not charge any fees, and will give an extra 2% reward , the minimum exchange amount is $100,

May 18 2022: Bentley University - a private higher education institution in Massachusetts - has announced that it's going to start allowing students to pay for their tuition with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. 60er Investment accet USDT (ERC20) deposit.

May 16 2022: Famed value investor and fund manager Bill Miller says he has "a lot" of bitcoin and has not sold any despite the recent crypto sell-off. He insisted that investors should put some of their liquid net worth in the cryptocurrency.

May 15 2022: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, High Investment Program return 500% daily for 5 days.

May 13 2022: Get Bitcoin Fast deposit 0.005 btc return 0.25 btc in 12 hours,Brazil's biggest equity and assets broker is launching crypto buying and selling later this year as adoption heads towards mainstream in the developing world.

May 12 2022: Pension Coin min deposit is 0.006 btc now , Invest 0.006 btc return 0.192 btc after 4 hours.

May 11 2022: A widely-followed crypto analyst says right now is not the time to be calling for a bear market, despite worrisome price action.Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, Bitcoin Stock raised min deposit to 0.005 btc.

May 10 2022: Real Bitcoin was closed today, 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment.

May 08 2022: 60er Investment 's new updated,Sony Group Corporation has revealed it has partnered with Theta Labs in order to launch 3D non-fungible token (NFT) assets.

May 07 2022: Investment asset manager Greyscale has announced that the company's traditional investment vehicles for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are launching on the Robinhood trading app.

May 05 2022: The date of the launch of the Salvadoran bitcoin bonds, the instrument that would serve to build the announced Salvadoran Bitcoin City, is still unknown. Announced to be released earlier this year, the launch has been affected by the current war in Ukraine, and the deceleration of global markets. Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 02 2022: Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is rolling out new measures aimed at preventing market participants from taking advantage of loopholes in its digital asset listing process, 60erinvestment encourages investors to invest using the coinbase wallet.

April 29 2022: Bitcoin Suisse Club added in our Premium HYIP List, That a new Bitcoin Investment Site which only lunched 2 days ago.

April 28 2022: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 27 2022: Get Bitcoin Fast add a new bitcoin payment proof,Global crypto exchange Bitstamp released its Crypto Pulse survey on Tuesday and concluded that both institutional and retail investors believe that crypto will overtake many traditional investment vehicles within a decade - specifically 8 out of 10, or 80%, of institutional respondents and 54% of retail investors.Our company will increase investment in the cryptocurrency industry in the near future, 60er Investment purchased 30 BITCOIN ATMs and placed them all over the world.

April 24 2022: Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, How to USE A BITCOIN ATM?

April 22 2022: YallaMarket, a grocery delivery platform in the UAE, announced Wednesday that they now accept crypto payments for customer orders.

April 19 2022: Doha Investment Club add an investment news,London-based crypto exchange Exmo is the latest crypto trading platform to formally suspend its business in Russia and Belarus due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

April 18 2022: Coinbase, the major US-based cryptocurrency exchange, says it is making a three-part movie series featuring the Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible token (NFT) community. Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 17 2022: Portugal's regulatory hurdle Banco de Portugal has granted Bison Bank permission to offer crypto services in the future. Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 15 2022: CEX.IO, a popular crypto exchange company, announced today it will now be offering users the option to link existing PayPal accounts to their CEX.IO Wallet. 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 14 2022: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add an investment news, 60er Investment upload a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 11 2022: Decentralized Finance, the ability to use crypto coins and tokens in different ways to gain traditional financial services like atmosphere (savings, loans and asset exchange) without the need of any intermediary or a middleman has certainly proved its mettle in the last couple of years.

April 08 2022: Bitcoin Mutual Fund was closed today, Cash App Offers Payments in Bitcoin, BTC Roundup and Lightning Network Services.

April 07 2022: Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 04 2022: Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bybit is moving its business to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and its headquarters will be situated in the nation's capital of Dubai.

April 01 2022: Global credit card giant Visa is launching a new crypto program to help content creators and entrepreneurs grow small businesses with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin proof.

March 31 2022: Qatar Bitcoin Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 30 2022: the Centralized Cryptocurrence Exchange Bnance announced the Binance Bridge 2.0 impulse. The feature allows active users to tarnate any block block, even tokens that are not listed in the Binance application for the BNB chain. The bridges listed in billions will be stored in funding or in the portfolio to detect, while the not listed binding tokens will be transferred to the funding portfolio only.

March 29 2022: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 28 2022: Pension Coin improved ROI,If you invest 0.005 btc, You will receive 0.16 btc after 4 hours.

March 25 2022: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has changed its home page to include crypto, metaverse, and digitization. "From cryptocurrencies to the metaverse, explore the megatrends that are reshaping economies," Goldman Sachs' home page now reads.

March 22 2022: Leading crypto exchange FTX has announced a new partnership with Naomi Osaka. The four-time Grand Slam tennis champion will work as an ambassador for the platform to help make Bitcoin and other digital assets "more accessible".

March 19 2022: US-based cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase is adding a new feature to the cryptocurrency wallet browser extension that simplifies access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) markets, Bitcoin7 add a new btc proof.

March 18 2022: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 17 2022: Vip Investment Club add a new bitcoin payment proof, Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange based in San Francisco, CA, has announced that it will donate approximately $10 million worth of bitcoins to citizens of Ukraine affected by the recent Russian invasion.

March 16 2022: New HYIP Bitcoin 100X Multiplier online today,One Hour HYIP has been in operation for nine years and is getting stronger and stronger. In order to give back to our members, we have increased the return on investment by 500%. The return rate of the BRONZE plan has reached 2000%. Investors only need to invest $200. Get $4000 in return.

March 15 2022: 2 Hours BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof, Bitcoin Multiplier min deposit reduced to 0.002 btc,Deposit 0.002 btc return 0.1 btc after 12 hours.

March 13 2022: Paid 0.1 btc into Bitcoin Mutual Fund , Received 7 bitcoins after 36 hours, Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, The world's largest movie exhibition company, AMC Entertainment, has finally begun accepting payments in dogecoin and shiba inu. Supporters of DOGE and SHIB have been waiting for AMC Theatres to accept the two meme cryptocurrencies since September last year.

March 12 2022: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,Multiply Your Bitcoin Every Day,Trading and investment is the best way to multiply your Bitcoin.

March 10 2022: The Only Guide you need for NFT and Crypto Marketing hits Amazon, Pension Coin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 08 2022: Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the launch of its own payments processing company, Bitfinity. Bitfinity will act as the default fiat-to-crypto payments ramp for the exchange, as well as for other blockchains. With this launch, Binance also targets the expanding Web3 economy, partnering with Paysafe and Checkout.com, Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 06 2022: G7 and European Union Officials Work to Prevent Russia from Using Crypto,Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 05 2022: Cryptocurrency Mining Facility in New York Causes Too Much Noise for Residents, High Investment Program add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 04 2022: Bitcoin Qatar add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 03 2022: The European Union will ensure that Russia cannot use cryptocurrencies as a means to dodge strict economic sanctions, French Finance Minister Bruno le Maire said. His comments come amid widespread debate on the matter.

March 01 2022: 13x Bitcoin stats updated, Bitcoin ETFs continue to see high demand despite the drop in the price of Bitcoin. Canada-based Purpose Bitcoin ETF (BTCC) holdings are at an all-time high. The Purpose Bitcoin ETF, which was the world's first liquidated Bitcoin ETF, currently holds around 32,329 Bitcoins,A new bitcoin payment proof added on Abu Dhabi Bitcoin.

February 28 2022: Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange by volume, has announced a $10 million donation to Ukraine. Also launching an emergency fund for the affected country. On his Twitter account, CEO CZ noted, "Our focus is providing on-the-ground support. We care about the people."

February 25 2022: 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.The Crypto Council for Innovation, or CCI, has announced that Gemini will be joining its list of crypto-friendly firms aimed at supporting lawmakers on related regulation.

February 24 2022: Pension Coin Payment Proof page add a new bitcoin payment proof today,The Swiss crypto bank, SEBA Bank, was recently granted a license to operate in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the UAE's financial center. The license allows SEBA to conduct regulated services.

February 23 2022: Real Bitcoin payment proof updated,Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 22 2022: 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 19 2022: Multi-chain GameFi agriculture simulator DeFi Land keeps pushing the boundaries of its gamification aspect. The launch of single-sided staking is a significant milestone for the team. Moreover, the project completed its gen-zero NFT launch, which sold out within mere minutes. Bitcoin Times pay 0.005 btc return 0.5 btc in one day.

February 17 2022: Payments giant Mastercard is expanding its payments-focused consulting service to include cryptocurrency. It covers "a range of digital currency capabilities, from early-stage education, risk assessments, and bank-wide crypto and NFT strategy development to crypto cards and the design of crypto loyalty programs."

February 15 2022: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof,Congratulate Drake Wins Over $1 Million Bitcoin in Super Bowl Bet.

February 14 2022: One Hour HYIP raised min deposit to $200 and 0.005 btc,Pension Coin increased the ROI.

February 11 2022: Google subsidiary YouTube has been seriously working on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and exploring how it can offer users ownership of digital content. On Thursday, February 10, YouTube further elaborated its blockchain and metaverse plans for this year of 2022.

February 09 2022: Cryptocurrency tax is on the rise across the world as more and more countries reveal their cryptocurrency tax policy. The latest addition to the list is Venezuela, where the government has announced a 20% tax on all cryptocurrency transactions, Crypto 100x Investment return 0.75 btc for investors.

February 08 2022: Crypto Expo Dubai is one of the premier cryptocurrency events in the Middle East and will be hosting another installment of their event this year on 16-17 March 2022 at the Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City, in Dubai, UAE, Pension Coin add an investment news.

February 06 2022: China: CBDC makes a low key debut at Winter Olympics, two banks phase out cash.

February 04 2022: The Turdax Tax Presentation Platform is in the permission of UU declarers. They obtain their repayments directly into encryption as part of an agreement with Crypto Exchange CoinBase, One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 03 2022: Michael Saylor Interviews Jack Dorsey on Bitcoin Principles, MicroStrategy Buys Another 660 BTC,Bitcoin Stock add an investment news, Bitcoin Mutual Fund add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 02 2022: Bitcoin Qatar Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

February 01 2022: Bitcoin7 raised min deposit to 0.006 btc and pay 0.006 bitcoins and return 0.42 btc after 7 hours,Pension Coin has been established for more than three months, and currently everything is running well, with more than 120 members, a total investment of more than 1 million US dollars, and paid members more than 20 millions US dollars in profit. a good cryptocurrency blog which listed our site.

January 30 2022: Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 27 2022: The Fed released a statement explaining that it is looking into the possibility of issuing a national central bank cryptocurrency. The Federal Reserve has made it clear that it has no plans to go ahead with issuing the currency unless it has the backing of Congress and the White House. However, he is putting the situation out in the public and asking for comments. Doha Investment add a new btc payment proof.

January 25 2022: Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,min is $300 for payeer investors , A new bitcoin payment added in Bitcoin Times Payment Proof page,Top 3 Crypto Assets to Buy Before You Get a Bullish Market Pull.

January 23 2022: Because the BTC price plummeted, 10x Bitcoin increased the minimum investment amount to 0.005 BTC, Pay 0.005 btc Receive 0.1 btc after 10 minutes, Real BTC lunched new special plans.

January 22 2022: Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof,The Biggest Crypto Scams of 2021 and How to Avoid Them in 2022.

January 17 2022: To better return investors, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin have increased ROI in 2022 yeaer! If you invest $100 , You will receive $3100 after 24 hours, Bitcoin Price Invest fixed their investment plans,Best Investment Site on 2022 Year.

January 16 2022: New Big Cryptocurrency Investment program lunched: Next 100x Crypto, What is Cash App and what is cash app used for?

January 14 2022: Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has acquired a regulated derivatives trading platform. Coinbase plans to make the derivatives market more accessible to millions of its retail clients.Coinbase plans to offer crypto derivatives to all US customers.Coinbase, a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange, announced Wednesday that it has acquired Fairx, a regulated derivatives trading platform.

January 13 2022: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 11 2022: Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof,BINANCE partner with the African soccer confederation to sponsor the total tournaments of the African Cup of nations.

January 09 2022: Coindesk has confirmed that PayPal (PYPL) is ready to launch its stablecoin while trying to flex its muscles in the cryptocurrency market. The PayPal subsidiary Curv has been laying the foundation for the stablecoin launch since September. Go Safe Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 08 2022: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin has been trending down in recent days, posting a 24-hour loss of 1.8% and a seven-day correction of 10.5%. The benchmark cryptocurrency appears to be reacting to macroeconomic factors and may have more short-term downsides.

January 07 2022: Our Payment Proof page updated,Abu Dhabi wants to be the biggest BTC paradise in the world.

January 06 2022: Crypto Mining Investment provides high returns with hourly cash flow, particularly in today's markets we can offer stable and risk free hourly returns.

January 04 2022: Bitcoin Mutual Fund add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 01 2022: Happy New Year!

December 30 2021: Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new btc payment proof, Bitcoin Stock give 15% reward to all USDT investors.

December 29 2021: 2 Hour BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 28 2021: The advice of Mexico's third-richest billionaire: invest in Bitcoin, stay away from dollars, euros.

December 25 2021: Merry Christmas to invesotrs! Wish all investors make profits on 2022 year.

December 23 2021: Port Finance, the Solana-based lending protocol with the vision of bringing a whole suite of interest rate products to DeFi users, has raised $5.3M in its latest strategic funding round.

December 20 2021: Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 19 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment,Binance develops Crypto Exchange in Indonesia.

December 16 2021: Tesla to Accept Dogecoin For Payments,60erInvestors uses cryptocurrency to purchase three Tesla Model X and presents them to our lucky members. The lucky members will be drawn out on January 1, 2022. All investors have a chance to win the prize who invested on 2021 year.

December 12 2021: Bitcoin Stock will give away $50,000 in rewards to our 5 lucky winners this Christmas. Each member is $10,000. All members who have invested in our website from December 10 to December 25 It is possible to become lucky. We will draw 5 lucky winners on December 26 and announce the lucky winners on the website. The bonus will be sent to the investor's cryptocurrency wallet.

December 10 2021: Crypto Exchange Bit Mart hacked; Almost $ 200 million reported lost,One Hour HYIP spent $20,000 to upgrade the wallet, which can better protect our cryptocurrency wallet today.

December 08 2021: Pension Coin add an investment news: Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini will soon offer frictionless bitcoin trading in Colombia to clients of the country's largest bank, Bancolombia, the company said in a statement Monday. The Best Hyips online.

December 07 2021: Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 13x Bitcoin update the investors' stats.

December 05 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin accept Tether USDT and Ethereum deposit, If you want to invest via USDT or Ethereum , Crypto 100x Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 04 2021: BTC Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof, Pay 0.01 btc receive 1 btc after 6 hours.

December 03 2021: The Best Investment programs were updated on 2021 year, 2 Hour BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 02 2021: Bank of America sees huge opportunity in metaverse for the entire crypto ecosystem,Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 01 2021: Pension Coin need to recruit three customers to serve investors in other languages, one Chinese customer service, one French customer service, and one Spanish customer service,Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,

November 29 2021: High Investment Program and One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 28 2021: Contingent Investment spent 1000$ advertising expenses on HYIP RATE, Bitcoin Hyip add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 25 2021: Children's Hospital of El Salvador receives more than 1 BTC grant from a US non-profit organization,In the future,Bitcoin Stock will also give out 50,000 US dollars every month for charity .

November 23 2021: Vip Investment Club add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 18 2021: The Top 5 HYIPs sites updated today, You can find the best 5 Investment sites.

November 15 2021: Crypto exchange Coinbase has been meeting with a number of regulators to convince them that the U.S. should have just one federal regulator overseeing the crypto sector. Currently, there is a variety of different regulators in the U.S.

November 12 2021: Hong Kong company to offer insurance for Asian cryptocurrency holdings,We plan to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy insurance for our crypto wallet.

November 11 2021: Bitcoin price started a downside correction below $66,000 against the US Dollar. BTC might extend its downside correction towards $62,000 in the near term.

November 09 2021: Mastercard Launches Bitcoin Payment Cards In Asia Pacific,The card giant partnered with three bitcoin service providers in the region to enable consumers to spend BTC anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

November 06 2021: Bitcoin Stock accept Tether USDT deposit,Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add an investment news.

November 04 2021: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment.

November 03 2021: 60er Investment accept Tether USDT deposit, Pension Coin added in our Payment proof page.

November 02 2021: Bitcoin Qatar add a new btc payment proof.

November 01 2021: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, the min deposit reduced to 0.003 btc for bitcoin investors.

October 31 2021: Coinbase Ventures closed a new investment deal almost every day in the third quarter of 2021, details posted on the Coinbase blog, Citrus Investment lunched a new investment plan.

October 28 2021: Everything you need to know about Litecoin cryptocurrency, 60er Investment spent US$20,000 to purchase 10 million insurance. If our BTC wallet is stolen, we will receive 10 million US dollars in compensation. Investors can invest in us with confidence.

October 25 2021: In Argentina, several companies accept payments in BTC, DOGE, other cryptocurrencies, 10x Bitcoin plan to accept DOGE COIN deposit.Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 24 2021: A new HYIP Pension Coin Lunched today,With Pension Coin | The Best Bitcoin Investment you could earn as high as 1800% - 5700% in the specified days. Pension Coin | The Best Bitcoin Investment also offers a lucrative partnership program designed for those who are willing to earn some extra cash just by promoting our project to your friends and colleagues.

October 23 2021: Walmart rolls out 200 Bitcoin ATMs in its stores, One Hour HYIP Upgrade to Premium HYIPs List.

October 21 2021: Bitcoin7 has resumed operation. It stopped running for 2 days due to a server failure. Now it has launched a new customer reward program. Doha Investment has been running for the third anniversary. They have an honest CEO and perfect investment plans.

October 20 2021: "Starting tonight in the 75th NBA season, Coinbase will have a distinctive presence in games broadcast on national television. The company will also become the presenting partner of the Commissioner's Cup. NBA partner G League Ignite, "the NBA reported in a press release.

October 18 2021: Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 17 2021: Our Binance's account needs to be reviewed for security reasons, and withdrawals are restricted. Therefore, investors' withdrawals will be delayed for several hours today, and everything will be fine after 24 hours.

October 16 2021: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 15 2021: Bitcoin7 add an investment news, Invest 0.003 btc return 0.21 btc in 7 hours.

October 14 2021: Early Blockchain Co-Inventors to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the World's Oldest Running Blockchain.

October 11 2021: Chinese blockchain project BSN comes to Turkey and Uzbekistan after launching the BSN Hong Kong and Macau portal.

October 09 2021: 3.76 BTC Payment sent into a Finland investor' bitcoin wallet from BTC Qatar.

October 08 2021: Nigerians' Upbeat CBDC Will Improve Payments And Help Promote Cryptocurrencies,Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 07 2021: Bitcoin Financial Freedom min deposit is 0.002 btc from today, Bitcoin 7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 06 2021: Go Safe Investment add a new investment news,U.S. Bank is now providing custody services for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, according to a company executive.

October 05 2021: El Salvador started mining Bitcoin (BTC) using geothermal energy extracted from volcanoes,One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 03 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a 7.5 bitcoins payment proof.

October 01 2021: Many state central banks are exploring the possibility of using central bank digital currency. New Zealand is the latest to announce it is exploring the possibility. One of the main advantages is its use as a monetary policy tool.

September 30 2021: Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier changed new bitcoin address for accept deposit from investors, Invest here, Euro Bitcoin Trade raised min deposit to $100 for perfect money and payeer investors.

September 29 2021: Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bitget sponsors Juventus as the first manga partner, Bitcoin Mutual Fund add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 28 2021: Yellow Card African Cryptocurrency Exchange Closes $ 15 Million Series A,Crypto 100x add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 26 2021: Thanks to this expansion, PayPal crypto is now available for the customers in the United Kingdom, who now have the opportunity to buy, hold, and sell four different types of digital coins using their PayPal accounts.

September 24 2021: Conting Investment Company pay $150,000 for deposited $4000.

September 22 2021: BTC Qatar add a new bitcoin payment,The crypto exchange Binance ceases trading in derivatives in Australia.

September 20 2021: How do I buy, sell and trade in Bitcoin?

September 18 2021: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof, Pension Put add an investment news.

September 16 2021: Coinbase applies to trading crypto futures,Crypto100x add a btc payment proof.

September 15 2021: Democrats in the US House of Representatives want to close the tax loophole for crypto investors,Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new Bitcoin payment proof.

September 14 2021: Crypto 100X Investment added in our site,Crypto 100x has a cadre of highly capable and motivated partners who are well trained and fully dedicated to the success of the investment business. Second is utilization of the latest technical and managerial innovations that will make out team a leader among its peers. Third is insuring that each of its associated companies is well capitalized and financially supported to overcome any future difficulties.

September 13 2021: How to buy cryptocurrency in Canada? Bitcoin Qatar add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 12 2021: Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof, Min deposit is 0.001 btc.

September 11 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin use a new bitcoin address for accept deposit,The minimum BTC investment is reduced to 0.003 BTC and the maximum investment is 5 BTC.

September 09 2021: US crypto exchange CrossTower expands to India. Bitcoin 100x in 4 hours return 0.3 btc for 0.005 btc deposited.

September 08 2021: Taiwanese Investor Loses Over $ 3 Million In Household Units After Account Hacked, Recover losses From Best Bitcoin Investment Plan on 2021.

September 07 2021: El Salvador is the first country in the world to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender. Despite opposition from local groups, the government believes cryptocurrency will be of net benefit to the economy and society.In order to encourage investors to use cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Stock have reduced the minimum investment in BTC to 0.001 BTC.

September 06 2021: Real BTC reduced min deposit from 0.004 btc to 0.003 btc, Special Offer: Pay 0.007 BTC today, get 1.2 BTC for 18 hours, Hold Gain add a new bitcoin payment proof for investors.

September 05 2021: Italian football champion Inter signs $ 100 million crypto partnership deal,Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 04 2021: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, High Investment Program is still paying today,which min deposit is $100 and return 500% daily for 5 days.

September 03 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add an investment news today.

September 02 2021: Real Gold Investment reduced min deposit from $200 to $100, Our Monitor Investment plan add a new btc payment proof,Belarusian President Says Crypto Mining Is Better Than Leaving Low Paying Jobs Abroad.

September 01 2021: 10X Bitcoin news: Our min deposit is 0.002 btc now , Pay 0.002 btc Return 0.04 bitcoins after 10 minutes,Invest Here. Chinese BTC miners return to center stage.

August 29 2021: Why Is India Leading In Crypto Adoption? One Hour HYIP deposit $100 return $1500 after an hour.

August 28 2021: 13x Bitcoin reduced min deposit from 0.005 btc to 0.002 btc, Investors can pay 0.002 btc and receive 0.026 btc after 40 minutes.

August 27 2021: Bitcoin 7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 26 2021: Crypto Cards Arrive In Australia, Vip Investment Club add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 25 2021: Bitcoin ETF offer great returns on your profits with 7 investment plans. We have a reserved insurance funds that will guarantee your initial deposit.With our program we offer you a continuous daily and compounding profits that will transferred automatically to your account.We pay our members 7000% of deposited ASAP .

August 23 2021: 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Pension Saving Plan invest 0.01 btc return 1.5 btc after 5 days.

August 21 2021: Coinbase has updated its investment policy to include a 10% quarterly income allocation in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and also committed to investing $500 million of its $4 billion in reserves into crypto.

August 20 2021: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment , Pay 0.001 btc Get 0.1 btc after 24 hours from Bitcoin Times.

August 19 2021: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 18 2021: Soccer Player Lionel Messi To Earn a Portion of His Salary in Crypto.

August 17 2021: 77x Bitcoin's proof added in Payment Proof page,In order to encourage investors to invest in ETH, 10x Bitcoins send a bonus of 0.05 ETH to the first 10 ETH investors everyday, and a total of 0.5 ETH bonus is sent everyday, 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 16 2021: Conting Investment Company min deposit is $200 now, Deposit $200 return $5000 after 4 days, BTC7 min deposit is 0.003 btc , send 0.003 btc receive 0.21 btc in 7 hours.

August 14 2021: A great Bitcoin Investment Program added : 77 Bitcoins, Invest 0.003 btc , Return 0.231 btc after 24 hours.

August 13 2021: In order to incentivize PAYEER investors, 60er Investment set the minimum investment to be $50 for payeer investors.Invest $50 payeer , return $1750 payeer after 12 hours.

August 12 2021: Get Bitcoin Fast reduced min deposit to 0.002 btc, Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 10 2021: Rate US on Hyip Rate site when received payment from One Hour HYIP, the min deposit is 0.003 btc.

August 08 2021: Get Bitcoin Fast add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 06 2021: Coinbase Users Can Now Trade Crypto with Apple Pay,One Hour HYIP accept Ethereum deposit, the min deposit is 0.05 Eth,If you want to Invest via ethereum,Please contact us for Ethereum address.

August 05 2021: Bitcoin7 offer a new special offer 3 and add a new bitcoin payment proof. Bitcoin Qatar add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 03 2021: PayPal Declares Crypto-Service Expansion In United Kingdom,Bitcoin 100x in 4 hours.

August 02 2021: Doha Investment add a new $14500 perfect money payment proof.

August 01 2021: Crypto Mining Investment closed China's branch offices, and opened a branch in Cordoba and set up 2 envelopes, 1000 mining machines.Bitcoin100x4hours pay 0.005 btc return 0.3 btc after 4 hours.

July 30 2021: Bitcoin Times min deposit reduced to 0.001 btc, Pay 0.001 btc return 0.1 btc in 24 hours.

July 28 2021: Hold Gain add a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 26 2021: BitMart boasts over 5.5 million active users globally and trades in 180 countries. Headquartered in New York City, BitMart is a worldwide leader in the cryptocurrency exchange space.

July 24 2021: BTC BROS reduced the min deposit to 0.01 btc, Invest 0.01 btc return 1 btc after 6 hours, 10x Bitcoin start to accept ethereum deposit.

July 22 2021: Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, said the company has bought bitcoin while speaking at the B word digital conference this Wednesday."I do own bitcoin and Tesla owns bitcoin, SpaceX owns bitcoin," Musk said. "I emphasize SpaceX, Tesla and I own bitcoin, I also own some eth and doge, SpaceX and Tesla own only bitcoin." 13x Bitcoin updated payment proof page today.

July 20 2021: One Hour HYIP reduced min deposit to $100 for payeer investors and 0.004 btc for bitcoin investors, 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 14 2021: The Easiest Ways to Get Bitcoin.

July 12 2021: Bitcoin7 and Bitcoin Qatar added new bitcoin payment proof,Congratulations, Italy got the European Cup champion.Congratulations Argentina also got the Americas Cup, I am Messi's faithful fans, true and great moments.

July 08 2021: Minimum Bitcoin Investment invest 0.005 btc return 0.225 btc after 24 hours,A successful and profitable investment firm, pioneering the way Bitcoins are being invested.

July 03 2021: Bitcoin 7 has opened an office in India in Hyderabad, a tech center, with Bitcoin7 planning to hire from all over the country based on a remote-first strategy.

June 27 2021: citrusinvestment.com switches its investment portfolio into conservative. Often our approach is to invest in investment-grade, liquid, fixed income securities.

June 25 2021: Real Bitcoin raised min deposit to 0.004 btc and Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 21 2021: Because the price of BTC has fallen in the past week, the minimum investment amount of many investment plans has risen, please read carefully before investing.

June 17 2021: South Korean Crypto Exchanges Not Allowed To Handle Self-Issued Coins,Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 14 2021: Sportsbet.io Celebrates Euro 2020 With One Million Euros in Prizes, Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 12 2021: Hold Gain add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 10 2021: Mexico to propose legal framework for cryptocurrencies.

June 08 2021: Bitcoin Mutual Fund add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 07 2021: Bitcoin Times increase min deposit from 0.001 btc to 0.005 btc,Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 05 2021: We received 6 btc payment from Bitcoin Qatar Investment.

June 04 2021: 60er Investment add a new perfect money payment proof.

June 02 2021: 10xbtc raise min deposit to 0.004 btc and bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 28 2021: Major U.S. Convenience Store Chain Sheetz Now Accepts Bitcoin.

May 24 2021: Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof, Abu Dhabi Bitcoins add a new perfect money payment proof.

May 20 2021: Digital Asset Investment Fund TRGC Expands Investment Fund to Global Investors.

May 16 2021: Mastercard survey reveals 94% of people in the Asia-Pacific region are considering emerging payment methods.

May 13 2021: Hold Gain add a new bitcoin payment proof,Crypto Mining Investment add an investment news.

May 10 2021: Bckke reduced min deposit to 0.003 btc. 60erInvestment add an investment news.

May 09 2021: Asian Auction House Phillips Will Accept Crypto at Auction for a Physical Piece of Banksy Art.

May 08 2021: Go Safe Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Mastercard is reportedly negotiating with China's central bank to support cross-border use of the digital yuan.

May 06 2021: Bitcoin Stock min deposit raised from $50 to $100, Bitcoin7 fix our special offer plans: Special Offer1 Pay 0.008 BTC Return 0.72 BTC after 7 hours,Special Offer2 Pay 0.014 BTC Return 1.5 BTC after 7 hours.

May 03 2021: we listed the Best Investment Sites on 2021 year, Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new perfect money payment proof,invest $100 return $6800 perfect money in 120 hours.

May 02 2021: 4.8 BTC Payment sent into an Altland investor' bitcoin wallet.

April 30 2021: Bitcoin Mutual Fund add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 29 2021: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, Abu Dhabi Investment pay 1800% ROI after 24 hours,min is $100 and 0.003 btc.

April 28 2021: 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 13x Bitcoin update program's stats.

April 26 2021: Doha Investment add a new perfect money payment proof, Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof, 10x Bitcoin use a new bitcoin address for accept deposit.

April 21 2021: Real BTC pay 0.002 btc return 0.2 btc after 24 hours, Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 18 2021: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

April 17 2021: In order to celebrate the successful listing of Coinbase on NASDAQ, 10xbtc sent a 0.002 BTC bonus to all regular customers.

April 15 2021: Bitcoin7 news: A new Bitcoin Payment proof added in our Payment Proof page,From today,we provide remittance in COINBASE accounts,You can use your coinbase's email address for accept our payment.Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment.

April 08 2021: CEX.IO Launches Crypto Savings Account Service With up to 20% APY.

April 06 2021: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, Bitcoin Times min deposit is 0.001 btc now, Invest 0.001 btc return 0.1 btc after 24 hours.

April 04 2021: Bitcoin Stock plan to increase the minimum investment amount to $150 to $200 in the near future. If you want to invest less than $100, please invest as soon as possible.

March 31 2021: Coin BTC was closed.Goldman Sachs to Allow Bitcoin and Crypto Investment Option for Its Wealth Management Client.

March 29 2021: Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 27 2021: Bitcoin7 news: We are honored to be ranked first on the TOP 10 HYIP website, they are the best hyip monitor site,They selected 10 best BTC investment projects.

March 24 2021: Crypto exchange Coinbase's institutional custody platform helped execute the purchase and custodying of roughly $90 million of Bitcoin and Ether for Chinese tech company Meitu.

March 20 2021: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof. Bitcoin Price Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 19 2021: Acheter Bitcoin Online min deposit is 0.002 btc now,Investor can receive 0.12 btc if you invest 0.002 btc. This is a relatively new program, and not many investors have joined it yet. Now is a good time to enter this program.

March 17 2021: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Records New ATH on Several on-Chain Metrics Against Ethereum.

March 15 2021: Bitcoin Mutual Fund Deposit $100 return $7000 after 2 days.

March 12 2021: New Paying HYIP: Bitcoin Price Investment lunched today.

March 11 2021: Should you invest in Bitcoins in 2021 year? American Residential Warranty to Invest in Bitcoin and Accept it as Payment: The Most Trusted Home Warranty Company Has Also Become the Most Tech-Forward Innovator,Bitcoin Mutual Fund add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 10 2021: Bitcoin Bros added a new bitcoin payment proof,13x Bitcoin updated the payment proof page.

March 08 2021: Bitcoin Stock decided to start accepting Ethereum investment now. It is currently only open to members. We will open to all investors to accept Ethereum investment after a period of operation,Abu Dhabi BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof,Swedish Bitcoin min deposit reduced from 0.01 btc to 0.001 btc.

March 06 2021: Bitcoin7 and One Hour HYIP added new bitcoin payment proof on their sites.

March 05 2021: 1btcash was closed,we refund all of the losses for our clients. Hold Gain add a new btc payment proof.

March 04 2021: Bitcoin Times reduced the min deposit from 0.01 btc to 0.005 btc.

March 02 2021: Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof, Real Bitcoin updated the sites.

March 01 2021: Coin Bitcoin min deposit is 0.002 btc,Turn 0.002 btc into 0.2 btc after 24 hours,Doha Investment added a new bitcoin payment proof and the min deposit is $250 now.

February 25 2021: Bitcoin Bank was stop paying, we will refund all the loss, Crypto Retirement was closed,They stopped accepting investment for half a month and paid all investors before closing. This is a good project with an honest management team.

February 21 2021: Canadian Bitcoin ETF to Hit $1B AUM by Friday, Bloomberg Analyst Expects.

February 18 2021: 13x Bitcoin add a new bitcoin proof on the Payment page, 60er Investment pay 3500% ROI of your investment after 24 hours.

February 14 2021: Bitcoin 7 updated an investment news, Rebirth Investment Property was closed today, we refund all of the losses for our clients.

February 13 2021: 60er Investment is the best hyip program on 2020 year!

February 10 2021: Central Bank of Kenya to Reportedly Use Bitcoin as Reserve Currency.

February 08 2021: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, Invest $100 return $1500 after one hour.

February 06 2021: Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Approximately 1.45 million people live in Abu Dhabi - 80% of which are expatriates. It is one of the world's largest producers of oil, and is one of the world's financial superpowers. Bitcoin Abu Dhabi return 2800% of your spend in 24 hours.

February 05 2021: Largest altcoin Ether (ETH) built on its recent all-time highs on Feb. 5 to climb ever closer to $2,000.At the time of writing, Ether was targeting $1,750 as 6.5% daily gains topped weekly returns of nearly 22%.Bitcoin Times return 3 btc for 0.03 btc deposited.

February 03 2021: Bitcoin 7 add a 3 bitcoin payment proof, Our Investment Plan min deposit reduced to $2000 and we added a new bitcoin payment proof,an investor deposited 0.05 btc on Feb 1st and got 2 btc today.

February 02 2021: Bitcoin Stock enters the field of cryptocurrency exchange. We provide exchanges among in Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The exchange fee we charge is definitely lower than all exchange websites. If you are interested, please email us.

February 01 2021: Crypto Mining Investment Limited is a unique, financial gold, nickel and uranium mining company whose business strategy is to acquire royalty interests in gold production from its core assets in the Lake Victoria greenstone belt of Tanzania. Since this year we started nickel and uranium exploration.

January 29 2021: 13x Bitcoin reduced the min deposit to 0.005 btc, Invest 0.005 btc return 0.065 btc after 48 hours, BTC Qatar add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 27 2021: Bitcoin Times is a bitcoin investment company with a good payment history and an excellent management team. Now you can participate in their investment projects as low as 0.01 bitcoin. It is the best investment opportunity that should not be missed.

January 26 2021: 60er Investment increase the ROI,If you invest $100, the original return was $3000, now it's increased to $3500.

January 25 2021: Real Bitcoin min deposit is 0.002 btc now, Pay 0.002 btc and Get 0.2 btc after 24 hours.

January 23 2021: Cryptocurrency groups are found on every social media platform because of the increasing popularity of digital assets. To get the latest information on such assets, you just need to join those cryptocurrency groups. This article focuses on Facebook cryptocurrency groups you should join in 2021. Bitcoin Mutual Fund min is $50 now , but the min deposit is 0.004 btc for bitcoin investors.

January 21 2021: Bitcoin Stock added a new perfect money payment proof, Invest $1000 paid $68000 after 48 hours, Bitcoin Bros added a bitcoin payment proof.

January 18 2021: Abu Dhabi Investment added 42000 Perfect Money payment proof, High Investment Program min deposit is $50 now.

January 16 2021: We will launch a membership system in 2021. Members need to pay $500 for membership every month. Member benefits include a private equity investment project every month. We will ensure the safety of members' funds. Please wait for more information.

January 15 2021: he U.S. digital currency exchange plans to significantly increase its service offerings this year.Coinbase, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a new platform designed to help issuers list their assets more efficiently - and, possibly, without having to go through the cumbersome listing process currently employed by the firm. 10xbtc.net also accept deposits from investors who used Coinbase wallet. 10x Bitcoin min deposit is 0.005 btc now,Invest 0.005 btc return 0.05 btc after 10 minutes.

January 14 2021: Gemini exchange to launch credit card with 3% cashback rewards paid in Bitcoin. Doha Investment add a new perfect money payment proof.

January 12 2021: Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

January 06 2021: Bitcoin Supply Chain add new bitcoin payment proof for investors.

January 05 2021: Bitcoin Stock min deposit is $50, Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof today.

January 03 2021: Get BTC Fast min deposit is 0.003 btc now . You can invest 0.003 btc and receive 0.15 btc after 2 hours. Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new btc payment proof.

January 01 2021: Happy New Year! Bitcoin7 add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 28 2020: India ponders Bitcoin tax law to target $5B market,India's government could levy taxes on Bitcoin trading despite the lack of legal clarity for the country's crypto space.

December 24 2020: Merry Christmas to Every member! we are working on the holiday.

December 23 2020: 10x Bitcoin will work as usual during the Christmas holiday and will give out a bonus of 0.1 BTC to 10 investors. The total bonus is 1 BTC. All investors who invest from December 20 to 25 have a chance to get it. The bonus will be send to the lucky investor's BTC wallet on December 26th.

December 19 2020: In order to celebrate the breakthrough of BTC to the highest point in history, Bitcoin7 launched a SPECIAL OFFER to small investors,Pay 0.003 BTC Return 0.21 BTC after 7 hours.

December 17 2020: Bitcoin price has reached the highest price in history, this is a great era, let us earn Bitcoins from HYIPS now.

December 16 2020: 13x Bitcoin update payment proof page,Pay 0.02 btc Return 0.26 btc after 40 minutes, That is the Fast Return Investment Program.

December 15 2020: Go Safe Investment added a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 14 2020: Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier reduced min deposit from 0.02 btc to 0.004 btc, It is smallest minimum deposit's program now. Invest 0.004 btc return 0.2 btc after 12 hours, One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site today.

December 13 2020: Bitcoin 100X in 4 Hours add a new bitcoin payment proof in our site, Invested 0.15 BTC and We got 12 BTC in 4 hours, what a wonderful HYIP.

December 12 2020: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 60er Investment return 3000% profit after invested $500.Bitso - a cryptocurrency exchange backed by Ripple - has completed a funding round that saw more than $62 million raised for the trading platform. The round was led by some of the largest venture capital firms out there including QED Investors and Kaszek Ventures.

December 09 2020: Because the price of BTC continues to rise, the price of BTC is already close to US$20,000, Bitcoin 7 have reduced the maximum investment amount from 10 btc to 3 BTC.Real BTC porivde new Special offer until January 31th 2021:Pay 0.008 BTC today, get 1.1 BTC for 18 hours,Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof.

December 07 2020: Singapore government to invest $9 million toward blockchain research and adoption,Bitcoin Qatar sent 30 BTC Payment sent into a Liverpool investors' bitcoin wallet.

December 04 2020: Bitcoin Stock News: Christmas is coming soon, we will select 5 lucky investors from all the investors in December, and each will send a bonus of 0.05 BTC. We will have one day off on December 25, and all payments will be delayed by one day.

December 01 2020: 60er Investment min deposit is 0.01 btc, Get your 0.3 btc now. 2 Hours BTC add a new btc payment proof.

November 27 2020: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, Huobi Global, Huobi Group's flagship crypto exchange headquartered in Singapore, may have had a rocky fall in 2020.

November 26 2020: Bitcoin7 add a new btc payment proof, Swedish Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 25 2020: New program BTC 100X IN 4 HOURS was listed in our site today.

November 22 2020: 10X BTC min deposited reduced from 0.02 btc to 0.01 btc, Investors can invest 0.01 btc and get 0.1 btc in 10 minutes, They are the shorttest term investment program on 2020 year. Could Bitcoin be adopted by Google and Facebook in the future?

November 19 2020: Real BTC update the payment proof stats,Coin BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof.

November 17 2020: Mariner Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory (RIA) with more than $35 billion assets under advisement, is partnering with Eaglebrook Advisors to give clients access to Bitcoin.

November 12 2020: Bitcoin Bros pay 0.03 btc return 3 btc after 6 hours, They added a new bitcoin payment on payment proof page.

November 11 2020: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin invest 1 btc and return 15 btc payment proof.

November 10 2020: Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,The cryptocurrency exchange, Zebpay based in Singapore has announced the launch of India's first non-fungible crypto token and marketplace.

November 08 2020: Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ETH, LINK, LEO, XEM.

November 06 2020: Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, Bitcoin Times reduced the min deposit to 0.01 btc,It is the best time to invest in Bitcoin Times.

November 05 2020: Guaranteed Profit Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof today.

November 01 2020: Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment, Bitcoin7 don't provide auto reinvest.

October 31 2020: 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, Real BTC update their site's stats,You can earn 100x of bitcoins in a short time from them.

October 29 2020: Coinbase Card: A crypto rewards debit card that hints at greater depository ambitions.

October 26 2020: Hold Gain was created to enable people to increase their wealth safely and easily with no work and no risk. Hold Gain is engaged in online trading of Foreign Exchange (FX), Stocks, Stocks on Margin (CFDs), Futures.

October 25 2020: Conting Investment Group add a new bitcoin payment proof today.

October 24 2020: We upload a new bitcoin payment proof for bitcoin times.

October 23 2020: Bitcoin 7 add a new bitcoin payment, Invest 0.005 btc return 0.35 btc in 7 hours, what a wonderful investment program.

October 21 2020: Insta Forex Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin Supply Chain will give 10 btc bonus to 500 investors on Christmas Eve.

October 18 2020: Bitcoin Mutual Fund is the best cryptocurrency investment program on the past 5 years.

October 15 2020: Bitcoin Supply Chain is Vip Investment system designed specifically for online investors.To make it easier for you and to reduce administrative expenses, we use the so-called electronic payment systems in our operations.

October 14 2020: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new btc payment proof, Abu Dhabi is currently experiencing an incredible real estate and oil production advantage. This is creating incredible wealth for the emirate and for investors, in addition to its already powerful financial services.

October 13 2020: Cybercrime gangs have stolen over to $22 million from users who use the Electrum Bitcoin wallets via a fake app update scam according to an investigation. The criminals later transferred the stolen funds to multiple Bitcoin accounts which now contain 1,980 bitcoin.

October 11 2020: Legit HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 10 2020: 60er Investment start to accept payeer deposit from investors,Invest Here.

October 09 2020: Bitcoin Times add a 11.5 btc payment proof on their site,Bitcoin has woken up from its recent slumber. But a, bull revival needs a break above $11,200.

October 08 2020: Bitcoin 7 increase the ROI today: Multiply Your Bitcoin 70X in just 7 hours!

October 06 2020: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,BitcoinHYIP is a registered company in German since 2014. We are offering financial investment services worldwide. The company`s main direction of activities is capital and investments management for profit.

October 05 2020: 10XBTC news: We will accept 10 investors every day with a minimum investment of 0.01 BTC. If you want to participate in this offer, please mail to us and we will give you an offer bitcoin address for accept your deposit. Bitcoin Stock news: min deposit raised to $100 and 0.01 btc.A new btc proof added in our Payment Proof page.

October 04 2020: BTC BROS Ltd has developed an Bitcoin investment strategy that has been proven to provide the highest returns for our investors while keeping our fees relatively low. How our strategy works is when you invest with us your investment is added into a pool of Bitcoins from other investors with similar investment goals as you. BTC BROS added a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 03 2020: Coinbase Announces Instant Debit Card Withdrawals In Europe, the U.S. and the U.K.

October 02 2020: 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, They are on Rank #2 on Top 10 HYIPs, Bitcoin Bros pay 0.03 btc and got 3 btc after 6 hours.

October 01 2020: New Bitcoin buyers enter market but price still stagnating at $10k,The price of Bitcoin has been hovering around the $10,000 for the past month, but on-chain data shows a rising number of new participants joining the network.

September 29 2020: Vip Investment added a new bitcoin payment proof, Crypto Mining Investment news: Our company established a cryptocurrency mining branch on this month. We rented a 1,000 square meter factory in Chengdu, China. Branch can bring us millions of dollars in revenue every month.

September 28 2020: one 10 bitcoins payment proof added for our Investment Plan, Real BTC Pay 0.005 BTC today, get 0.5 BTC In 24 Hours.

September 27 2020: One Hour HYIP updated the payment proof page today.

September 26 2020: Doha Investment min deposit raised to $750 today, It is a serious investment program.

September 24 2020: Bitcoin 7 news: Our min deposit will raise to 0.01 btc soon,If you want to invest 0.005 btc,Please invest as soon as possible. BtcBros's neweset payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

September 23 2020: Crypto Exchanges In India Investigate Over $ 200,000 Of Crypto Scams,Pension Put invest $600 return $120,000 after a week,they are online for 5 years! Never missing payment.

September 22 2020: Brazilian fund manager and Nasdaq to launch world's first Bitcoin ETF,Brazil's Hashdex is teaming up with Nasdaq to bring the world's first Bitcoin ETF to the Bermuda Stock Exchange.Coin Bitcoin return 0.4 btc for 0.004 btc deposited.

September 20 2020: Bitcoin7 news added: If investor want to withdraw the profit to a new bitcoin address, they must pay a register fees for the new bitcoin address register in our system,It is 0.015 btc for one bitcoin address, A vip member invested 0.4925 btc and Received 19.7 BTC payment today.

September 19 2020: Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof,60er Investment news udpated.

September 18 2020: 10x Bitcoin news: Our Site will launch an Ethereum investment plan in the near future, which is roughly similar to BTC. We want to listen to investors' suggestions. If you have any good reminders, please feel free to give us advice. Once we adopt your suggestions, we will send out 0.005 BTC Reward to you. If you have more than 3000 FOLLOWERS, you can share our website, and then write to us, we will draw a bonus of 0.01 BTC every day.

September 17 2020: U.S sanctions Russian cybercriminals for stealing millions from crypto exchanges,Keep Your Bitcoin Wallet Safe.

September 16 2020: Legit Hyip and High Investment Program added new bitcoin payment proof in their sites.

September 15 2020: Go Safe Investment reduced min deposit to $100, Bitcoin 7 added a new bitcoin payment proof.

Setepmber 13 2020: Bitcoin Supply Chain add a new bitcoin payment proof,2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 12 2020: Special is around the Contingent Investment, we are offering a special Investment package, where you can invest just only $1,000 to earn $30,000 in 2 days,60er Investment changed new bitcoin address today,Bitcoin Financial Freedom upload a $16800 Perfect Money payment proof.

September 11 2020: Doha Investment update the investment stats and add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 10 2020: Bitcoin 7 updated the investment news page: Investing in our program under Tophyip, You have no risk. The Principle guaranteed by TopHYIP.biz.

September 09 2020: High Investment Program add a new bitcoin payment proof.

September 08 2020: Bitfinex Invests in Derivatives Exchange Built With Bitcoin's Lightning Network.

September 07 2020: A Belgian investors invested 3 times and Receive 3 payments from Go Safe Investment, That is more than 14 bitcoins payment.

September 06 2020: The price of BTC has fallen sharply recently. It has fallen by 15% in the last three days, from $11,700 to around $10,000. Now is a good time to invest in BTC in HYIP. If you have many bitcoins in your btc wallet,Just looks in our Premium HYIP Lists.

September 04 2020: Best Investment Program 2020 were updated today.

September 03 2020: Acheter Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof on our Payment Proof page.

September 02 2020: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site, They will pay you 3% interest per minute. You can earn money per minute for your life.

September 01 2020: Invest with Real Bitcoin today and earn Up to 9000% ROI paid after 24 hours,It is Real Bitcoin Investment.

August 30 2020: Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming more popular as an investment option among crypto enthusiasts. This is mainly due to the projected inflation of the US dollar and the fact that there are now more trustworthy and easy ways to invest in Bitcoin even for institutional investors. According to Coin Market Cap, Bitcoin currently has over 8000%.

August 28 2020: Fast Return Investment was closed, 10X Bitcoin used the new email address for customer.

August 27 2020: 60er Investment add a new perfect money payment proof, Bitcoin Bank add a new bitcoin payment proof.

August 26 2020: Acheter Bitcoin listed in our Paying HYIP List, Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof.

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August 22 2020: Bitcoin Stock and Swedition Bitcoin add new bitcoin payment proof on their site today.

August 21 2020: One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin proof today, You can invest $200 and get $1400 after an hour.

August 19 2020: Bitcoin Supply Chain is D1 and D2 plan was closed,our min deposit is $5001,Because of the sharp increase in the number of customers, we closed 2 small investment plans. We need to focus more on serving our old customers.

August 18 2020: Doha Investment add a bitcoin payment proof on their site.

August 17 2020: Bitcoin ATM Invest min deposit reduced from $300 to $100 today.

August 14 2020: Bitcoin Financial Freedom reduced min deposit to $100 and 0.01 btc, Small Investors can invest in them and have a great ROI.

August 12 2020: Special Offer Invest 0.06 BTC Return 0.9 BTC in 10 minutes Limited Offer Until September 30 2020.

August 11 2020: Bitcoin 1000 was removed from our Paying HYIP List.

August 10 2020: Coin BTC min deposit is 0.004 btc, It is a good time to invest. Multiply your bitcoins now.

August 08 2020: Bitcoin 7 plan to accept more crypto currencies.

August 07 2020: 60er Investment reduced minimum deposit to 0.02 btc and add a new bitcoin payment proof. our email account "services@payinghyiponline.com" was not used . If you want to contact us ,plesae mail to our Gmail account.

August 06 2020: 10xbtc's forum was closed because too many spam post everyday, they add an Investment news page today,Amazing Bitcoin was closed today.

August 05 2020: The number of bitcoin ATM locations has been rising steadily. Almost 9,000 bitcoin ATMs have been installed worldwide. The U.S. leads as the country with the largest number of bitcoin ATMs, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.

August 04 2020: 10x BTC Special Offer Invest 0.08 BTC Return 1.2 BTC in 10 minutes Limited Offer Until September 30,The European Bitcoin exchange, which was hacked for $ 1.4 million, can't afford to refund users.

August 03 2020: Bitcoin 7 and BTC BROS added new bitcoin payment on their sites.

August 01 2020: Minimum Bitcoin Investment reduced min deposit to 0.005 btc, Invest 0.005 btc return 0.225 btc after 24 hours.

July 30 2020: Crypto Traders Send $368,000,000 in Ethereum to Exchanges As Bitcoin Meets New Level of Resistance,Fast Return Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 29 2020: Guaranteed Profit Investment min deposit is $50 for perfect money and 0.005 btc for bitcoin investors.

July 27 2020: Cryptocurrency Exchange BitHera Opens up for BHC STAKING PROGRAM.

July 26 2020: Our Investment Plan min deposit reduced to $4000 today and add a new bitcoin payment proof, If you want to invest in our investment plan,It is the best time. Happy Weekend.

July 25 2020: Bitcoin Bank min deposit reduced to 0.02 btc, Invest 0.02 btc return 0.76 btc after some hours, Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 24 2020: Silver Investment and Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment,Invest $100 Return $5000 after 48 hours.

July 22 2020: Go Safe Investment add a bitcoin payment proof.60er Investment will rasie our min deposit to $200 and 0.03 btc on August 1st,More Investment News about 60er Investment.

July 21 2020: Insta Forex Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, BTC Qatar sent 3 bitcoins into a Nigerian investor' bitcoin wallet.

July 20 2020: Bitcoin Supply Chain min deposit raised to $5001, It is the best hyip program on 2020 year,Hold Gain add a new bitcoin payment proof. Bitcoin is one of Crypto Currency ,but Crypto is NOT just Bitcoin.

July 19 2020: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin reduced min deposit to $100, A new bitcoin payment proof added in the site. A Banking Trojan That Steals Crypto Is Targeting Latin American Users.

July 17 2020: Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier add a new bitcoin payment proof on our site, Bitcoin 7 add a new Payment screenshot page today, Invest 0.005 btc and Get 0.2 btc after 4 hours.

July 15 2020: EEC Bitcoin raise the min deposit to 0.01 btc and Coin BTC add a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 14 2020: Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment on their site. Swedish Bitcoin Multiplier - Pay 0.02 - 0.19 BTC today, get 2 - 19 BTC in 24 hours.

July 13 2020: 13x Bitcoin updated the payment proof page. Our Investment Plan min deposit raised to $5000.

July 12 2020: Bitcoin Mutual Fund min deposit reduce from $200 to $50, Invest $50 return $3500 after 48 hours.

July 10 2020: Bitcoin 7 is good time to invest,deposited 0.005 btc now and Receive 0.2 btc after 4 hours.Conting Investment Group min deposit is $200 now.

July 09 2020: One Hour HYIP add a btc payment proof, 60er Investment has been transferred to a more secure hosting service provider. In order to better resist hacker attacks and more investors to join, we will set up an office in Singapore in the near future and support Chinese customer service.

July 08 2020: Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof today, Invest $50 return $2900 after 24 hours.

July 07 2020: Russian investors in the failed Telegram Open Network (TON) token launch said they have reported a British brokerage they said is withholding almost USD 1.5 million of their funds to the Moscow-based federal investigating authority.

July 06 2020: Legit HYIP min deposit is $100 now, You can invest $100 and receive $3300 after 6 hours.

July 05 2020: 60er Investment added a perfect money proof and Bitcoin Mutual Fund added a bitcoin payment proof, Bitcoin Supply Chain plan to set up an office in Hong Kong on August, which will provide better services to Asian investors.

July 03 2020: Austria: Over 2,500 Merchants Will Soon Start Accepting Payments in Bitcoin, Ether, and Dash.

July 02 2020: Perfect Money Hyip was closed today, All investors who follow us should have made a profit from this project. This project has running for 4 years and that is a good HYIP. More Money Income and BTCBROS added new payment proof.

July 01 2020: Bitcoin Bank add a new bitcoin payment,Bank of Canada Experts Say CBDC Model Should Be Made Accessible.

June 30 2020: Australian Mining Giant Trials Blockchain, Completes $14 Million Iron Ore Transaction to China.

June 29 2020: 5 BTC Payment sent into a Portugal investors' bitcoin wallet today from Bitcoin Qatar.

June 28 2020: Bitcoin Times added a new bitcoin payment proof, 13XBITCOIN updated their payment proof page.

June 26 2020: Australians can pay Bitcoin at 3,500 Australian post offices now.

June 24 2020: KPMG Launches Suite of Tools for Digital Asset Management.

June 23 2020: Coin Bitcoin and Abu Dhabi Bitcoin added new bitcoin payment on their site.

June 22 2020: Pension Put add a new bitcoin payment proof.

June 21 2020: Euro Bitcoin Trade reduced the min deposit to $100, Invest $100 today , You will get $25 daily for 500 days.

June 20 2020: Legit HYIP add a btc payment proof.

June 19 2020: 60er Investment invest $100 Return $3000 after 12 hours,60er Investment provide financial assistance with wide range of fiscal instruments. Accumulating funds of our investors and making them work according to innovative estimated schemes in the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes, including futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities and metals.

June 18 2020: American Gaming Association Urges Policy Change on Digital Payments.

June 16 2020: Silver Investment Capital add a bitcoin payment proof on their site, Invest 0.01 btc Received 0.5 btc.

June 14 2020: Crypto Investors are Growing Fearful as Trading Volume Slide Continues. 2 Hours Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof and the min deposit reduced to 0.01 btc, Invest 0.01 btc now Got 0.3 btc after 2 hours.

June 12 2020: Binance Holding Limited, the company behind the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volumes, has launched its quarterly settled Bitcoin Futures contracts with a fixed expiration and settlement date. Bitcoin Multiplier Deposit 0.005 - 0.09 BTC today, get 0.5 - 9.00 BTC in 24 hours.

June 10 2020: German Stock Exchange Will List Bitcoin ETP,Investment firm ETC Group plans to list a Bitcoin ETP on Germany's Xetra digital stock exchange in late June.

June 09 2020: Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof today.

June 08 2020: Get Bitcoin Fast fixed their investment plans.

June 07 2020: Fresh Fund min deposit reduced to $50, Invest $100 now and you will get $3600 after 24 hours.

June 06 2020: Bitcoin Exchanges Witnessing Huge Growth Amidst Pandemic and Global Turmoil, Data Suggests.

June 04 2020: Pensioner Bonds min deposit is $500 for investors, They accept perfect money , bitcoin and payeer deposits. If you want to invest via bitcoin cash or other cryptocurrency , Just contact the admin of Pensioner Bonds .

June 02 2020: Crypto Retirement min deposit rasied to $300 today, Please don't invest less than $300, 13x bitcoin invest 0.02 btc return 0.26 btc after 40 minutes.

June 01 2020: Swedish Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof page.

May 31 2020: Bitcoin Multiplier min changed from 0.2 btc to 0.02 btc, Invest 0.02 btc return 2 btc after 3 days, Bitcoin7 need just 4 hours to multiply your bitcoins 40x

May 29 2020: Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new Perfect Money payment,Invest $3000 Return $63000 Perfect Money Dollars in 24 hours. Chinese Citizens Are Now Able to Inherit Cryptocurrency,The Thirteenth National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference has come to an end on May 28. According to Xinhua news, the same day the parliament passed a new civil code; a legislation package that includes protecting the civil rights of inheritance, marriage, property, personality, contract and infringement.

May 28 2020: Minimum Bitcoin Investment add a new bitcoin payment.

May 27 2020: More Money Income reduced the min deposit is $50, It is the good news for small investor, Invest $50 return $450 after 4 hours.

May 26 2020: U.S. State of Louisiana Wants to License Cryptocurrency Businesses.

May 25 2020: Minimum Bitcoin Investment listed in our Premium HYIP List,Conting Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 23 2020: Legit HYIP add a new perfect money proof our proof page,Eec Bitcoin provide 0.02 btc bonus for post on Facebook or Instagram.

May 22 2020: More Money Income From Home Investment,you're participating in a reliable and best service program ever. We aim to offer reasonable interest rates and if you need a long-standing program, looking for promising and profitable investment opportunities, you will find the ideal partner. As our faith, secure platform, fast payments, fast and friendly service, reasonable plans are the key of a successful program. the money invested with us is what will be taking to the international market, OPEC to trade which later yield many profit to pay our investors profit.

May 21 2020: Bitcoin Supply Chain have 10% bonus for deposit more than $10,000 in our program,This bonus will be added to your principal and generate profits when the plan running.

May 20 2020: 60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof.

May 19 2020: Coinbase Data Shows Crypto Investors Still Fans of Altcoins Despite Poor Performance, Eec Bitcoin cost more than $10,000 in advertising costs on last week.

May 17 2020: Amazing Bitcoin invest $300 return $15000 after one day. Lamborghini Uses Blockchain for First-Ever Collectible Digital Stamps. Our site provide Skype online chat, Only for text communication, no voice or video conference.

May 16 2020: Mexican companies launch Crypto Donation platform for people affected by COVID-19.

May 15 2020: One Hour HYIP invest $100 return $700 in 1 hour.

May 14 2020: 10xbtc is a great bitcoin platform that makes it super easy to invest in cryptocurrency without stress and withdraw at maturity of your investment.

May 13 2020: Silver Investment Capital min deposit reduced from $250 to $100.

May 11 2020: Eec Bitcoin min deposit redueced to 0.005 btc, invest 0.005 btc return 0.5 btc in 24 hours. Traders Say Binance Cut Their Bitcoin Shorts: Here's Why It Happened.

May 10 2020: Happy Mother's Day! We wish all investors and your family good health!

May 09 2020: Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment in our payment proof page.

May 08 2020: High Investment Program and Bitcoin Bros added a bitcoin payment on their site today.

May 06 2020: Bitcoin Financial Freedom offer a stable partnership that will help you to participate in the greatest world trades and get good income from your investments. The funds you entrust us with will become a part of our investment capital which is managed by skilled professionals and guarantees stable income for at least another 10 years.

May 05 2020: Our Investment Plan was fixed, the min deposit reduced from $3000 to $2000 and ROI are increase about 500% - 1000%.

May 04 2020: Guaranteed Profit Investment news: in order to better serve customers and create profits for investors, we plan to close EXTREME PLAN in the next six months. Increase the minimum investment amount to $ 3000, so as to control the growth of our membership. We will not accept new investors when the number of our members reaches 2000, It is for protect the interests of our members. If you want to invest in our website, please participate in our project as soon as possible.we add a new bitcoin payment on our Payment Proof page today.


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