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2. One Hour HYIP
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3. Bitcoin Stock
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4. Cash 2018 Best BTC Invest
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5. Bitcoin HYIP
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How to Invest and earn big profit from HYIPs?

First, You need to have one Perfect Money account?

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Second,You need to fund your Perfect Money account.

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Third, Choose a paying hyip and make your deposit,You can find many serious hyips on our website

Forth,Waiting for your payment and sell your Perfect money to exchange company

Last You become a rich man or woman.


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How to Start Investing in HYIP?

1,You need to register an e-currency account : Perfect Money ; Payeer ; Bitcoin or Litecoin

2,Buy E-currency From Exchange company: Buy Perfect Money ; Fund Payeer ; Buy Bitcoin or Buy Litecoin

3,Choose a HYIP and Make Your Deposit, Then Waiting for your payment

4,Receive Your Interest and Reinvest or Sell e-currency: Sell Perfect Money ; Sell Payeer ; Sell Bitcoin or Sell Litecoin

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Our Investment Plan - 2000% after 2 days min $5,000 for serious Investors

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Member’s earnings are based on their Total Asterios Value at time of distribution.

Money received from revenue earned by Club Asteria from all membership fees, program sales, services and membership activities forms the basis for weekly Revenue Sharing Distributions.

Club Asteria will use the following formula to determine the distribution of revenue:

50% of actual cash received will be distributed to active members (Weekly Distribution Amount). Active members are those members who have visited the Club-Asteria.com website at least once per week prior to the distribution date and have read all newly posted News in the News Section.

The Weekly Distribution Amount will be paid out to the active members based on their Total Asterios Account Balance. To determine the amount to be paid per Asterio, the Weekly Distribution Amount is first divided by the Total Asterios Balance of all members’ accounts. The per Asterio amount is then multiplied times the Total Asterios Balance in each individual member’s account to determine each member’s Weekly Revenue Sharing. This amount will be paid to each active member into his/her account and distributed to their Asterios Balance and/or Cash Balance as per Member / Club Asteria settings. Members can then withdraw their earnings to their personal bank accounts by using one of our approved Payment Processors.

To maintain the stability of the Revenue Sharing program, weekly Revenue Share payments will be capped at 10% increase in each Member’s combined Asterios and Cash Balance accounts.

In the event that the 50% of weekly revenues earned by Club Asteria, once distributed, would increase the Member’s combined Asterios and Cash Balance accounts in excess of 10%, these excess funds will be placed into a reserve account. The funds in this reserve account will be distributed to the members should the distribution percentage during future weekly distributions decrease significantly.

Up to 25% of actual cash received is paid to members who help to make Club Asteria grow its membership

10% Direct Referral Sales

5% Blue Diamond Bonus Pool

Up to 10% to Network Directors

Unpaid difference is distributed in Bonuses as determined from time to time by Club Asteria

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CLUB ASTERIA neither guarantees earnings nor the continuation of the Revenue Share Program in its present or modified form. Club Asteria further reserves the right to change the above Revenue Distribution formula from time to time to adjust to market conditions.

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